Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Boy is with The Girl in OX!:)

Man do I wish we were there too!:) 
 Though unable to be there I did send some more stuff for her to give her peeps.
 A couple pillowcases.
 More mug rugs with fun printing prints!:)  It's on Rose's quilt but I can't show that yet!
 Had a leftover piece of a block and it called to be made into a little bag....
...with some Batman inside!:)
Sent a lot of Christmas themed snack foods too...gotta keep the roommates happy!:)
 I still sooooo love to do English paper piecing....Slate likes to watch.  Haven't decided what to do with this yet, might be a clock, pillow, table topper...any other ideas?
We are doing Secret Santa on both sides of our folks needed bigger stockings so they could still give us stuff....I complied!:)
This tray of bits and bobs became 25 items....any ideas? 
While sewing the above these guys (gals?) visited.  We've seen them several times right outside our window...what a joy!
This I'm not so sure about.  Have you ever heard that Woolly Bear Caterpillars predict  Winter's severity? Legend has it the more brown segments (there are 13) the milder your Winter.  Well....this one has 7....the other one is totally black and huge (it's rolled up)...there is 5 inches of snow outside and it's not even winter yet!!!



  1. Where do you find the time?!?! Geez, you're a sewing machine! Heh, not like a Juki, you know what I mean. ..

  2. Ditto on the Woolly Bears....This bag lady loves the little bag with your personal style of handquilting. As for that EPP project, I say Keep Going until it's a lap size--

  3. The stockings are cute, and I knew Mom would find a way. oy! 5 inches of snow there, and nothing but rain and mud here.

  4. Erm, did the boy have space in his case for clothes? ;o) Great collection of makes though!

  5. Five inches of snow? It is meteorological winter though - that started December 1 ;-)
    We've just had four or five days of below freezing, which is really unusual for this area. It's really bizarre to stand on grass and have it break underfoot.
    You have been having lots of fun with those projects, I've been having fun painting our new to us house!

  6. Goodness you have been busy with gifts for the girl and her friends, but glad to see you won't miss out having made your own stocking (stockings as the case may be), I love that paper piecing, so bright and full of fun. I am not sure what you should do with it, but one thing for sure is that it should be on display all the time.....its stunning.
    Five inches of snow already....Brrrrrrrr!