Saturday, December 28, 2013

Good Time was had by All!

December started out with a BANG, loads of snow and some Holiday makes.
 Snow is the perfect setting for all the little birdies made from this tutorial.
 So much fun. So easy and fast.  Hardest part was picking out the button embellishments!
I had my mom for Secret Santa. Easy peasy!:)
 The boy had a great time visiting his sister in Oxford...brought back these adorable mugs and...
 ....loads of the girl's stuff.  Two whole suitcases full!!  Countdown has begun for her return on February 1st then she can put all this stuff away!! Yipeeee!
 My guys surprised me with this Holly tree...that we have named Chookie!:)  Tomorrow it goes outside to be planted in the front yard.
Christmas day at my folks...good company and food! 
 Next day more good food and laughter at the in-laws'.
A new face has joined the extended family.  Bro-in-law's new pup Findley....welcome!!:)

Third Christmas was today at our house....hubby, the boy and his girl and me.  There is a new Kindle HD Fire and Roku in the house...we are on technology and candy overload!:)

Happy, Happy!!!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

The Boy is with The Girl in OX!:)

Man do I wish we were there too!:) 
 Though unable to be there I did send some more stuff for her to give her peeps.
 A couple pillowcases.
 More mug rugs with fun printing prints!:)  It's on Rose's quilt but I can't show that yet!
 Had a leftover piece of a block and it called to be made into a little bag....
...with some Batman inside!:)
Sent a lot of Christmas themed snack foods too...gotta keep the roommates happy!:)
 I still sooooo love to do English paper piecing....Slate likes to watch.  Haven't decided what to do with this yet, might be a clock, pillow, table topper...any other ideas?
We are doing Secret Santa on both sides of our folks needed bigger stockings so they could still give us stuff....I complied!:)
This tray of bits and bobs became 25 items....any ideas? 
While sewing the above these guys (gals?) visited.  We've seen them several times right outside our window...what a joy!
This I'm not so sure about.  Have you ever heard that Woolly Bear Caterpillars predict  Winter's severity? Legend has it the more brown segments (there are 13) the milder your Winter.  Well....this one has 7....the other one is totally black and huge (it's rolled up)...there is 5 inches of snow outside and it's not even winter yet!!!