Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bring it On!

Bring on the Purples!

 Bring on the Whites!

Bring on the Pinks!

And the multi-colored delights!!:)
 An early Mother's Day gift from my boy and his girl! Love it!
 The veggie garden is growing...
...as is fuel for the fire pit.  
Yes, it needs some trimming.
But right now we have been challenged...by my pal Jo in England!
She said pick a pink, a green and a yellow....toss in a background color.
Half square triangles they will become...

 But which....
...will be The One?
Ha! None of the above...I'm still playing!
 Also playing with applique the...
Ten blocks are done with another ten cut out awaiting needle and thread. 
Swore I wasn't going to start a new project(s)!!
Oh well!!


  1. It's amazing just how quickly the garden comes to life with a little bit of warmth, and your veggie patch is looking really good. Thanks for taking up the challenge, it's amazing the different blocks you can make with half square triangles. Once you decide you have to keep it under wraps until the end of the month, then we will have the big show x x x

  2. I love your yard!! I'm so glad you posted pictures for us all to see. And your garden looks so good. What is that ground cover in the second picture? Jason has that in his front flower bed but he can't remember the name.

  3. Thanks you two!:)

    The ground cover is called periwinkle and its awesome....grows everywhere.

  4. Nature is a wonderful thing! Your garden looks great!
    Love to see your finishes and WIP's!
    Hugs from Portugal!

  5. Beautiful yard and great appliqué blocks!

  6. Great to have you join our little group! I love the middle photo, one of the many ways to lay these out that I hadn't thought of!!. See you at the end of the month...

  7. and your garden is beautiful!!