Friday, May 29, 2015

Mini Mania Challenge....yep...I challenge ye!:)

Went outside to plant the Hellebore, Russian sage and ginger plants my in-laws dug up for me from their yard.  That's all I did because I was being devoured by the gnats! Bug spray was NOT helping!
I did get a few photos before fleeing the outdoors.
 This is Dinosaurland.  Everytime we find a lost toy in the yard we put it here.   I added an astronaut this afternoon!
 Something else was in the garden...this little mini I made after being challenged!  
My buddy Jo and her pals have been honing their sewing skills and have asked us all to join them! The new flickr group is called Mini Mania Challenge or MMC and I just realized that means 2100 in Roman Numerals OR what we are in now...the 21st Century! How cool is that?:)
Ok...I digress....back to the challenge.
Tiny pieces, colors, patterns...that's what it's about.  What can you do with a set criteria?  
Every 1st of the month is a new challenge with photos posted the last day of the month. 
In the new flickr group we can post sneak peeks and easily ask for help without having to send out several emails!:) They have been challenging each other since February with me just joining in this month.   Visit the flickr group to see what the others did with May's challenge and the past months.
(My new favorite way to finish the binding....bring to the front and use perle cotton!)
 You all are invited to join us.  What's great about this group is you can play or not play.  You can make a mini you LOVE and keep it! No swapping, no mailing, no stalking a partner to hopefully make something they would your best work only to be sad because you have to send it off!  Skill building and Brain building to boot!:)  Right now it's an invite only so if you are interested just let me know and I'll send you a flickr invite. You then will be able to post photos and chat but you don't have to join to be challenged. Anyone can follow the new instructions on the 1st of each month!:)
The minis make great presents mom loves hers!:)
Come on and play!  You won't believe how tiny the pieces are for the next challenge!:)
Speaking of tiny...the boy gave me some pixie lilies for my birthday...I hope the deer don't find them!
(Pin cushion, coaster, needle and scissor cases from my buddy Sandie!:)
Still hand stitching!


Monday, May 25, 2015

Still here....still sewing

The weather has been flip flopping hot, cold, now hot again.  The garden is loving the heat...not me!
Here is a fifth finish lounging among all the greens.
 The inspiration came from a house hubby did a little work on last year.
I think the house itself would make a great quilt!
Now I need to give the runner to them!
So many little seedlings coming up...that's a tiny dogwood among the lamb's ear and periwinkle!

We have done some traveling too....
 View from our 12th floor window....any guesses?:)
Atlanta, Georgia!!  That's Centennial Olympic Park built for the 1996 Olympics.
We were there for sis-in-law's Investiture into the AIA College of Fellows.
The most touching thing in the park is the Quilt of Remembrance which has a mosaic of stones from around the world to honor the 111 people injured in the explosion.
 Google Quilt of Remembrance Centennial Park and look at all the images.
So many ideas!
Still working on my Medley of Jen Kingwell!
I goofed on all ten of the lower blocks by putting a light where a dark was supposed to go.
Fabric pens to the rescue! Can you tell which ones were colored in?
Those log cabin blocks are three inches!! 


Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Bring it On!

Bring on the Purples!

 Bring on the Whites!

Bring on the Pinks!

And the multi-colored delights!!:)
 An early Mother's Day gift from my boy and his girl! Love it!
 The veggie garden is growing... is fuel for the fire pit.  
Yes, it needs some trimming.
But right now we have been my pal Jo in England!
She said pick a pink, a green and a yellow....toss in a background color.
Half square triangles they will become...

 But which....
...will be The One?
Ha! None of the above...I'm still playing!
 Also playing with applique the...
Ten blocks are done with another ten cut out awaiting needle and thread. 
Swore I wasn't going to start a new project(s)!!
Oh well!!