Monday, September 20, 2010

I Want Me Some Habitat!!

I'm in love with Habitat! I finished this in the time it took to listen to two Fiction Plane, one Matchbox 20, one Springsteen and one Kings of Leon CDs!
Carly was nice enough to let me have some trimmings we cut from the crooked edge of new bolts...these pictures don't do the fabric really need to go check them out here!! This is the green I NEED to get some of the grey know me and my grey!!
I was able to make 15 squares and wanted one more so I literally went through the trash bin for the bits I cut off when I squared up all the blocks!
See that one bit on the left...about the width of a toothpick!:) The solid is
Bella Stone, the aqua sashing is Nature's Palette.
Really...go look at the fabrics....this is only a wee bit of the gloriousness that is Habitat!!:)


  1. What a perfect quilt! It's a wonderful mix of the beautiful prints and the stone solid. LOVE IT!!!!!!

  2. Awesome job, Dee...with quilts like this and the paper piecing we won't be able to throw out a single scrap!!!

    I've been playing with VERY wonky log cabins...they take ALL scraps...

  3. Those fabrics are such pretty colors! Nice work and so quick!

  4. Oh, WOW!! I think this may be my favourite quilt you have made! You're right, that fabric is amazing and the stone and aqua is perfect! I'm quite envious. *g*

  5. Love it Dee! Scrumptious :)

  6. oh heck!!! Your so right about this Habitat.
    And your quilt is very fabulous, hope your keeping it?