Monday, September 27, 2010

I Love the Old Lucketts Store...and taking my Parents There!!:)

Mom and Dad were visiting this weekend and we went to the
Old Lucketts Store...I saw something on the porch that made me catch my breath.
Do you see what we saw?
How about this old 84"x30" soapstone topped lab table by Sheldon Labs?!!:) They don't make them like this least not with soapstone tops. Now they are made with epoxy resin tops. It has wonderful white oak legs and weighs about 200 lbs!
Craig liked it!
But we liked it better....and my parents paid for it!! Love you Mom and Dad!!Now it is happily sitting in our utility trailer... until we can get someone to help Don bring it inside cause it ain't gonna be me!;)
I also got some embroidery done this weekend for Hoop Up. This is for Kate....Kate broke her ankle last week and had surgery to put in plates and pins ....
Kate....I hope this weird scientist puts a smile on your face!! Get better soon!!

Thanks again M & you bunches!!;)


  1. Oooh that table is gorgeous..lucky you!!!
    I've just had a look on the Lucketts Store web site it looks like an amazing store!
    Em xxx

  2. OMG!! I want that table!!!! Give it to meeeeee!!!

  3. The table is terrific, but that embroidery project is FANTASTIC! did you know it was "power tie Tuesday" at school?

  4. Looks like a great store and lucky you scoring the table! Love the mad scientist too.

  5. First off the scientist is too funny...but the table, what a find! I love it!!!

  6. I've heard about Luckett's...lucky you to live so close! Great table and great parents;)
    And, oh my, the embroidery piece is incredible! SO Cute!!

  7. OooH! Great table! Lucky you. Love the embroidery.