Saturday, October 2, 2010

My Stitching Hand is on Fire!;)

I've been having so much fun...for the Hoop Up swap I stitched this wonky house for Scott of Blue Nickel Studios.
The fabric he sent was a mint green...made it a little more challenging but loads of fun...added some wee beads for pompoms on the curtains...hope he likes it!
For the Bitty Block Committee mini I totally forgot that I needed to wait for one more block and no sooner did I stitch up my mini (go here to see it before) then that bitty orange fishy on the left showed up all the way from Sandy in Buenos Aires! Oops!! So I torn out the seams on the left side and popped him way I wasn't adding it! There was this big empty space on the upper left.....I asked for some ideas from the BBC gang......
...and this was the winner! Not the greatest says 2010 on the tail of the plane and Paradise Remix on the banner since I had to redo my mini!
For the Advent calendar swap we had to make our own day twenty-five 3.5" square...please tell me you know what this is....Don thought it was ghost!:o
Lastly, for Round 8 at the ORBC, Pat had a little extra project for us to do using the 1/2" wide scraps we trimmed off of our 5" squares....can you believe she expected us to sew 1/2" scraps? Well...I can't run away from a challenge like that so here is my little mug rug...quilted every 1/2" so it doen't fall apart!!
PS...I stitched another little project but it's a secret for the moment...stay tuned!


  1. you have been busy! love it all!

  2. I so envy your embroidery skills!!! How could he not love that wee house? Impossible, I tell ya! And I adore your block commitee quilt. So cute and I actually like it better after it's remix - the space on the left is nice!!

    I see the autumnal Nessie punkin is back and your festive ghosts are cute! Joke - I knew all along it was "the Blob III - this time they want your candy canes" innit? *grins* Sorry, couldn't resist. It's a very nice holy family. Didn't you make wee wooden chappies like them last year for a thing at Maria's work?