Saturday, October 23, 2010

Getting Things Done?

Sort of! I'm working on is a top for a wall hanging made out of trimmings from is called Montage. One of the designs looks like shelves full of books and another has numbers and stuff.
Sewed up a lot of batting scraps...never throw that stuff out...

...makes great pieces for mug rugs...also made from scraps! That orange and brown went home with my SIL....I'm still working on the binding for the rest of them.
Here are a few fully finished things. These were for Hoop Up! This owl went home to Courtney....
...and the Tinman went to Kimmie for Switchin' Stitches....I am officially done with all my swaps....until I sign up for for more!
Remember I said I would tell you what was in the silver tin...the present I gave Don for our 25th? He gets to drive a real stockcar for 8 laps around Atlanta Motor Speedway!! WhooooHOOOOOoooooooo!!!


  1. Wow, you have been busy! How many mug rugs are in that pile??? So when are you going to work on those Christmas mini quilts? I bet your husband is thrilled with his gift! Way to go!

  2. How cute is that TinMan! Have fun on your trip and see you Tuesday!

  3. I love the tinman. Where did you get the drawing of him??

    Don is Luuuucccckkkkyyyy!!!!