Monday, October 4, 2010

A Very Productive Sunday...

Finished my ORBC Quilt Along Round 8 project...took it to work to have it's picture taken with the Moda Pure display...I want some of that canvas on the lower right!! I think there may be a purse in my future!
Close up...echo quilting and some radiating lines in the corners. Sooz is does look like a round butt person holding up another person!;)
Here are some bits I made from the scraps...gotta love scraps!
Then just for fun...a Rainbow House and...

...a Dr. Suess cutie peeking out the window!


  1. Your quilt is lovely and I never would have come up with that comparision...though it made me laugh.

  2. LOL Love it! Especially the ound butt person! It's just perfect DeeRoo!