Sunday, December 5, 2010

Just a little something for the Shop...and a Tuba Christmas!

I just had to make had to come out of my fingers...that tree on the right just willed itself to be made out of a scrap of green batik. Gonna hang it at work to demonstrate this magnetic mini quilt hanger....think I might sell the quilt too. Do you think I should....$25 too much?
After I made the mini we went to Harper's Ferry for a little Christmas cheer and enjoyed a Tuba Christmas. These performances happen all over the US and a few places overseas, low brass peeps getting together once a year, practicing for one hour then perform Christmas music for our pleasure!
What a beautiful backdrop. Go check out their site and see if there is a performance near's free! I was a bit meloncoly because this is the first one we have seen with out Maria there playing her tuba. Maybe next year!
For some more free music the boy's band Hold Tight! released a new can download it for free...or a couple of bucks if you want. His Uncle Peter said that was silly because then they would never make any money....first person to download it bought it for $10!:) If you like the music pass their link on to your friends....or at least their kids!!;)
Lastly...I'm trying one more time. Mailed this wee wallhanging to Maria with a few other items...hopefully this one will make it!
Her Halloween one is still lost.


  1. CUTE! That's just what my wall needs!

  2. Y'know asking for donations for music/etc isn't such a bad way to go. Many people, not all, will hand over a few bucks and the boyz will end up with more than if they were signed to a contract.
    I think $20-25 is a nice price for the little quilt :-)

  3. Didn't Radiohead do the same with their last album? If people want free music they will take it, regardless of whether it's fair or legal. I like to think MOST musos appreciate the effort taken and will donate if they enjoy. When I'm home (if I get home with this damn snow!) I'll do my bit for indie music!

    Fingers crossed that Postman Pat does his job this time!!!

  4. ok! I've stopped by about five times to look at the little Christmas tree quilt. It is really too adorable. I think you should send it to me! :) Merry Christmas Dee!