Wednesday, December 29, 2010

T-Shirt Quilt, a Wallet, and the Number 9

A week or so before Christmas I finally finished Maria's tee shirt quilt using her WVU tees from each year's Marching Band shirts and others that she accumulated in her four years of fun in Morgantown....
...and appropriately enough she picked out some Stonehenge in Old Gold and Blue for the backing and binding....goes good with the Mountaineer theme!

Wanted to make something for James I found this tutorial online...
...I added an extra set of pockets....easy peasy!! Thanks Allisa!!

The number nine you ask..... ....starting next week....hope you can join us in the fun...and a few giveaways!!


  1. Nice gifts! Mark has a pile of "sentimental" tshirts in the attic. I bet he'd love a quilt made with them but I am not sure I am a nice enough wife to do that!

  2. The number 9 is my number, can't wait....
    Beautiful gifts missus!

  3. Love the quilt and the wallet. Now what DO you have in mind for round 9... I wonder.....:-)

  4. Love your T shirt quilt and the wallet - so difficult to make things for guys, I will definitely make a note of that tute! Happy New Year Dolores! xx

  5. What an amazing quilt, Dee!! I love that wee wallet, too, where do you find these patterns?!? So clever. Happy New Year to you all! xox

  6. I love your t-shirt quilt! My husband wants me to make him one from his old shirts, but I'm nervous about the design because he is crazy sentimental about his shirts. This quilt gives me inspiration and motivation to get to work. Wonderful job!