Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Three for the road!

The Relay for Life road! Made these for my parents' Relay team. They are having a silent auction next month.

(The workshop dear hubby built for dear daddy)

Finished the Crazy Nine Patch, did some wavy line quilting on the big center square and then just went around the outer edge several times....
...was having problems uploading the photos so I couldn't get a close up of the quilting....the binding is red and yellow stripes. I love it!
This little quilt was made from some fabric I won in a giveaway...I FINALLY tried some free motion quilting! It was fun but I still need more pratice.
I'll be brave and show you some is still a bit too big. Need to get my hands and foot in sync!!

(Daddy is refinishing this bench for has a mate....they are going in our day.)

Now for my favorite. I call it Chocolate Boxes. Sew some different width strips together....cut it up one side and insert a long brown strip and there you have it.
Used the leftovers for the back and binding.
This one was hard to part with!



  1. lovely quilts! You have been busy. And I LOVE your Daddy's workshop!

  2. Ahhhh. You are a good egg Dee. Love the last picture. Nothing like a yummy quilt made with love.

  3. Beautiful Dee. Everything.