Thursday, April 28, 2011

Been a long how about some pictures?:)

It has been a very, very wet April so weeding has been put on the back burner but I have been having some fun inside...
...this month's theme at The Sketchbook Challenge is Branching I did...a little weaving on a garlic bag, some cutting, pasting and a wee bit of embroidery and there you have it. This was very out of my comfort zone!

At the STUD Swap our theme was Favorite Things...we listed five and our partner picked one or all. My partner loves Lily of the Valley and Salzburg, Austria. do I do that? A little freezer paper ironed on to some white it through my printer...snip, snip, sew, sew and there you go. I can't believe I stuffed flowers that small! Never again!

You can see what Nan made for me here! It is amazing!

This is what I really want to show mystery quilt....but it has to stay a mystery until May 15th when we emailing the LAST clue to our participants...then I can do the big reveal. I love it so much I splurged for the first time ever to have it long-armed....more details next month!!:)

The boy and his band Hold Tight! will be going on another tour soon...go check out their schedule and if you live near one of the cities they where they still need a venue and know of a good place drop them an email.....they would so appreciate it!:)

My new favorite line at work....Sherbet Pips. You think it might be because of the grey....I'm thinking yes!:)

Seen riding with my exercise pal Sally....a car covered with pink blossoms. Almost makes it worth all the rain to see something like that!;)

I leave you with this....and Easter husband gave me...

....Creepy Bunny......*shudder*!:)



  1. I love your STUD quilt - pretty amazing! And you scrap booking, you have been very creative! We just had one of the best Aprils ever here (weather wise), I am already tanned!

  2. Hi Deeroo! Love your STUD quilt. What a good idea. And good for you with sticking with the Sketchbook challenge - I wanted to, but haven't folllowed through.