Friday, May 13, 2011

Northeastern Graduation, Gifts for Maria's UK pals...and some donuts!

We've done some traveling...all the way to Boston from Virginia. That's ten hours in the car but it was worth it to see our niece graduate from Northeastern.

Several days before we left I realized we still had not bought her a gift. I just happened to be looking online to see where Northeastern was in relation to the rest of Boston and saw their logo...

"Lightbulb moment"

Looks like a quilt waiting to happen doesn't it?

So with a little help from some huge graph paper and hubby at the computer screen with a ruler we drew it out...and figured it out...and pulled some fabrics...
Black, Red and Warm Grey are the school colors...I think we got it right!:)

Laura seems to agree!
She's happy and we are proud!

Purple and Orange, Maps and Books, Diner and Rt 66, cute Robots...

...African, Eiffel Tower, Hawaiian, New York, Science/Math...

Fish, Star Wars and the above all folded in a nice colorful stack, stack of pillowcases! Twelve of them for Maria to give to her UK friends. I think she will be able to find something they like in that stack!

With the leftover scraps I made some bookmarks and little wall hangings that I think would be great to display pins and buttons! I'm sure Maria will find them a home!

Of course while in the home of the donut hole we had to go to a Dunkin Donuts...we said Hi for you Maria....see the Mountaineer on Daddy's lapel?:)



  1. Congratulations!! We just visited Northeastern and it is on my daughter's list of colleges to apply to this year. Love the lightbulb moment it really paid off!

  2. Aww :) Judging by her smile, I'd say you got it right, alright!

  3. Wow, Maria's friends are going to be really pleased with themselves - making friends with a girl who has this genius, crafty, generous Mum!! Love your logo quilt too - it's funny how you start to see quilt patterns in everything after a while!