Sunday, May 22, 2011

Skull Appreciation and Mystery Quilt Revealed!

Ever been to the blog Skull-A-Day? No? Oh please go check it much fun! They are having a Skull Appreciation Day on June 4th in Richmond, VA and part of the festivities is an auction of wall hangings using 12" squares sent in by artist from all over the world....and me!:)
This was my inspiration....a couple of drawings James did a while back. The one on the right is an ACEO card and now lives in Scotland!

Here is my interpretation in cloth. I'm liking that diamond tooth!:) Go visit the blog and you can see some of the other squares that have been sent in....I hope they post photos of all the finished quilts.

Last week I finished the Mystery Quilt AND we sent out the final clue so I can finally show you what it looks like....

...scrappy browns, greys and ecru batiks....'s supposed to be a lap size but it must be for a giant lap because it is 60"x84"! Since it is soooo, sooo big I decided to treat myself and for the first time ever I had a coworker long-arm it for me!

The lovely Linda of A Design in Motion did a fantastic job!

The designer of the quilt itself is Jackie Robinson of Animas Quilts. Very well written...I mean come on....I was able to do it!;)

I was tickled when Carly asked me to be in charge of it for the shop and I sure hope she finds another one for us to do!

Here's the boy again...he and Hold Tight! are heading out on another tour starting May 31st in Pittsburgh, PA.... pop punk at it's best!

Love those tattoos....he is drawing one for ME!:)

Stay tuned!



  1. Forgot to mention that the white fabric the skulls are made from GLOWS in the dark!:)

  2. Wait, you are getting a tattoo? The quilt is really lovely. It's very timeless too! The skulls make me feel a little creepy (that's good in this instance, right?)

  3. Screeeech!!!!!

    You're getting a tattoo???

  4. something with skulls and scissors, or a sewing machine? I love the block on the left, with the diamond tooth!

  5. please explain, tattoo?
    oh sorry, got distracted!! Glow in the dark fabric?
    oh, distracted again, what I want to say is how much I love that quilt pattern. I can just see it in jewel tone solids on black.