Sunday, June 24, 2012

Part II of UK fun....Bath!

Several days after our eyes returned to their sockets from the loveliness of Oxford we ventured out on our first train Bath home of the only Hot Springs in all of England!
 (The Royal Crescent...29 parts private homes,1 part hotel...this show only 6 parts of it!)
Unbelievable!  I guess we just didn't think about the fact we were going to see the Roman Baths and the WHOLE CITY would look like we were in Italy!  Another very walkable city too.
 First thing we did after dropping the girls' (Maria's roommate Rose came along for the fun) stuff at their hostel and ours at our hotel (we weren't ready for a hostel yet!) was walk to the Botanical Gardens.  Part of the Gardens is called The Great Dell which is in an old quarry and has an amazing collections of conifers.....BIG conifers!
 All of the city looks like this. Bath is a World Heritage Site. The hills surrounding the Valley of the River Avon lent it's stone in the making of this amazing place.
In Bath Abbey square you can sit and be entertained all day long...the Roman Baths are just to the right of this photo.

 The girl and hubby looking at the mineral rich waters....Bath Abbey looking down watching  all the visitors.  You can't touch the water....old pipes and all....not safe anymore but there are other safe places there where you can enjoy the waters.

 This is just a small view from our went on an on to the left and right!
 The Pulteney Bridge there on the right is one of a few bridges in the world built with little shops lining both sides.  One of those windows is a lovely tiny...and I mean tiny... jewelry shop.  You might be able to put two queen sized beds end to end in there...but you would have to walk on the beds!  Nigel Dando Jewelers has the best view in the city overlooking the River Avon.  We bought a few things!:)
(No, the girl is not that much taller than Rose, she's standing on a step!:)
But the best part of Bath was being with the girls.  Boy we miss them!:)


Next up...London and the FQ Retreat


  1. Another favourite city but the jewellers must be *so* small I missed it :-(

  2. Bath has a way of getting into your system, I'd live there in a jiffy! Lovely post!