Thursday, June 14, 2012

She Owns This Place.....Part I of our UK Adventure!

Yes, she owns it...Oxford....home of Oscar Wilde, Lewis Carroll, C.S. Lewis, Susan Cooper, Iris Murdoch, J. R. R. Tolkien and Philip Pullman.  This storied place of 007, 101 Dalmatians, Harry Potter and of course X-Men!
But she owns it!
Walking us about the schools of the University of Oxford...

...and the Radcliffe Camera ...

....Christ Church College...

...and the Bridge of Sighs....she showed us her home away from home!

While in the UK we had the joy of meeting up with lots of online peeps.  Our first meetup was with the lovely Jo (sewjo) and her equally lovely Mr. D!

The wonderful Mrs and Mr took us to our first palace, Blenheim Palace, home of Sir Winston Churchill and now the current 11th Duke and Duchess of Marlborough.
Here is just a wee shot of it....not to big right....wrong!!
How about this shot?  OMG!! 
But really...the best part of it all was meeting Jo and hubby...I can't do the meeting justice...I get all choked up thinking of it.  Jo said it better...go visit her blog post and tell her I said hi and send hugs and kisses!!:)

One of the things that we will always remember about Oxford is all the bikes...they are everywhere...thousands and thousands of them!
But this one was my favorite.  Maybe my favorite photo of Oxford too....
...other than this one!  The girl and her roommate/best UK buddy holding the Fairy Tale quilt that we were finally able to deliver to her!  I gave up packing more clothes for that puppy but it was worth it as she is wearing it around the house....because since we left it's been cold and the skies haven't stopped weeping!:P
Bird's eye view of Oxford... heart marks the spot where the girl works....lucky, lucky girl...we heart you so!!
Next up ~ the city of Bath


  1. Oh...forgot....bird's eye view of Ox is a photo allowed from Wikipedia!:)

  2. Amazing! Your daughter, Oxford, the scenery, Jo, the quilt, EVERYTHING! I can't wait for part II.

  3. Oh it was just great having you an your wonderful hubby visit, just sorry we could not have you stay a little longer, but grateful for the time you managed to share with us, it was WONDERFUL. Look forward to your next post.... Bath x x

  4. Glad that you had such a nice visit, great photos. We were all eagerly anticipating your arrival, Jo was SOOOOOOOO excited!!

  5. Beautiful post Dee, so great to see Oxford!

  6. Yay! Glad to finally be reading about your AWESOME trip!!

  7. I want to see more! Lived in Oxford for years! Miss the old place, so thrilled to see it pop up on your trip! Big fat hugs! x

  8. Your pictures are awesome!! What a great trip. I can't wait to see more.

    I visited Oxford for a day once and I took some homework with me when I went. I purposely pulled it out while I was there, just so that I could honestly say that "I studied at Oxford". ;)

  9. So glad you liked Oxford and Oxfordshire. It being my home town I guess I'm biased ;-)