Sunday, July 8, 2012

Part IV....Scotland...The End....or The Beginning?:)

The last part of our trip was spent in Scotland....this is who greeted us in Stirling!!
(Those Union Jacks are coming straight out of The Chook's head!:)
My online buddy (and now real life pal) Lynz and her Chook were there to meet us at the train station...such a lovely surprise! First things!:) After a lovely meal and a wonderful visit to Lynz's fantastic abode (and a meet and greet with the spouse and the Chook's horse collection) we were dropped off at our hostel!
 The Willy Wallace....our first time in a hostel!  Not the girl...she's a pro but we were first timers!  Check out this colorful room...there were two other set of bunk beds to the left.  Even though the room was full....and there were a few snorers....we slept like logs!
Before we went to bed we did some exploring and enjoyed the glorious sunset.
In the upper right is Stirling Castle glowing with it's new gilding!
The Holy Rude Graveyard below the Castle is amazing, so many paths leading to so many stories!
(At the very top of the Dumyat you can just see a flame!)
We stumbled upon several gentlemen with their tripods and cameras aimed toward Lynz's Ochil Hills...of course I had to ask what they were looking for...seems there were to be bonfires lit all across Scotland in celebration of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and lucky us we were able to see FIVE of them. We felt like we were in the Lord of the Rings movie!!

The next morning Lynz and the Chook picked us up and we headed to another amazingly kept cemetery...Tulliallan Kirkyard.  We have to thank Lynz's uncle for getting the key!
This is one of the best examples in Scotland of how an old graveyard should be restored and cared's also a great place to sit...and chat with a friend...and a pony!:)

After a visit to a coffeehouse for provisions we hiked up The Dumyat!! Our girls went on ahead as I was holding up progress....dear sweet Lynz stayed with me and was my cheerleader....hubby walked alone between the two groups just in case he needed to run ahead....or below....for a rescue!:)
 (Hubby, girl, Chook and Lynz looking toward Stirling)
Thanks to Lynz I made it to the top...oh was it worth it! Lunch never tasted so good!
 On the walk down we met up with a few of the local Highland Cattle!  We did so much in 1 1/2 days...all cause of Lynz.  I really think she summed it all up better...check out her post here!  Thanks soooooo much pal!!

The next day we took the train to Edinburgh. We had the whole day to play before heading back to London and the first thing we did was have a re-meet with Jo!!  We took the bus to her shop.  It is sooo cool!!
 Colorful and whimsical and full of inspiration!  All I wanted to do is shop but we only had so much time.  I did buy one of Jonathan's Dream House prints.  Perfect souvenir!!

Since we only had a few hours dear Jo drove us all around the city.  It's amazing what you can see even from the back seat of a car!:)  Such a beautiful place...even on a drizzly day.

I think the term "Old World Charm" was coined in Edinburgh...or at least it fits!

 Every turn brought us to new and exciting views.... was like being in a fairy tale!  Having so much fun I really didn't take out my camera that much....totally tried to live in the moment!
We didn't want to leave but the time had come for us to go back to London and home.

The best thing about our UK trip....
....being with the girl!:) 


  1. love all the pictures. Glad you got to see the girl and the UK. So much to see!!!! I wanna go!!

  2. "Real life pal" - gotta love that!! I can't believe you got a photo of me sticking my tongue out, though. *sarcasm* My friends will all be nodding sagely at the probability of THAT happening in a cameras vicinity! Classic Lynz.

    It was an absolute pleasure to meet you all, such a shame there's that ruddy great ocean in the way, innit? Haste ye back, dude!!

  3. So glad you had a good trip and the sun certainly seemed to shine for you. Look forward to the next time we meet. X x

  4. amazing pictures. i can only imagine that your real life trip was a billion times more amazing!

  5. Fabulous!! I've only been to Edinburgh once for a day about 20 yrs ago and I loved it!! I would love to see it again one day! Thanks again for sharing your pictures. :)