Saturday, September 8, 2012

9+2+2+3 Does not equal 13!!

A while back I think I mentioned having thirteen quilt tops hanging in the closet waiting to be quilted....well....I totally finished this one and this one... three are still hanging in the closet...I made two more which  are pin-basted waiting for machine time and....
 ...nine are sitting here....waiting for the weather to get a little cooler so I can hand-stitch the bindings!
I do believe that is sixteen and not thirteen!:)  One day I'll show them all to you...but they have to be finished first!
 So how about these instead?  September's theme for Pattiann at The Bitty Block Bee is sunflowers....great timing since the little wild ones are blooming all up and down our dirt road!
It's Heather's turn this month at Sew Fun Bee....she picked a string block made from our scraps.....I made three!:)  I really think I need to try making a quilt with this block....I do have a lot of scraps!

Oh....and I have a confession Jo (sewjo)....
.....Slate really loved your ARRR8 quilt top!!!;)



  1. You've been a busy girl! Miss ya!

  2. You certainly have been busy beginning, now its time to finish. At least you don't have to finish my one, and its so cute the cat loves it too

  3. What an accomplishment - good for you. Love the name of the Bitty Block Bee and the size of the blocks.