Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Train of Thought....thinking Graduation!!:)

My second entry for Amy's Texting While Sewing contest over at During Quiet Time is my favorite. I mean come on, a train, text fabrics, buttons, a pocket and some wee royal bendy dolls...you'd have to be hard-hearted not to like that!;)
 Book fabric caboose, typo fabric, Book titles, and Golden book train cars and of course the Little Engine That Could....I think I can, I think I can...I think I did!  Isn't it neat how the swirly design in the background fabric looks like smoke coming out of the smokestack?  Happy happenstance!

Finished a couple of other little quilts.
  The purple one is scraps from work the other is a baby quilt for the girl to give to one of her expecting friends.
 Did some wacky straight line machine quilting and gold perle cotton hand quilting on this one. I tried to curve the edges a bit but didn't do it enough.  It looks like I just can't trim straight!
 Had fun playing with all kinds of little kid novelties on this one and since it's going to the UK thought the backing fabric with park benches and bicycles would be perfect.

On the graduation front the girl is officially done!:) She graduated last month from Oxford Brookes University with a Master's Degree in Creative Writing!!
(Rose, the graduate, Rob and Jen)
This was the girl's stand in family since we couldn't be there.  Jen was mom, Rob was dad and Rose was the boy! Ha!!:)  Thanks so much for being there to hug her for us kiddos!  xoxo

Now...the girl is living her dream....
 ....she's working at The Story Museum....we don't think she is ever coming home!


  1. that is pretty stinking cute. Very clever and fun!

  2. Good job on the graduate mama. I love the train, very cute.

  3. Ha ha! I so love that train block! It would be amazing scaled up to a toddler floor quilt.

  4. Love the train block! Clever idea!

  5. The girl is done and living her dream. What a testament to good mothering on your part! Way to go Dee!

    And the train block is killing me. Love, love, love it!