Monday, August 13, 2012

My online buds ROCK!:)

These past few weeks my mailbox has been happy,  happy, happy and not because I have been busy on Amazon or ebay!!;) mailbox has been happy because of the wonderful and generous people I have met online!  

First package in the box contained these fantastic fat quarters and a copy of a UK magazine 
Molly Makes which has an article in it about the Fat Quarterly Retreat...yes...the same one I was lucky enough to attend.  
The marvelous Marguerite was sweet enough to get me a copy (without me asking) and send it to me with those extra treats! Thanks pal!!

Next package came from the wonderful Pam of Uberstitch...she asked me if I was interested in some Christmas fabric scraps. Well yes Pam...I love scraps!
Ummm....I think this is more than just scraps!  Not only were there Christmas fabrics there were quilt blocks, a huge baggie of 5"squares of solids, tiny 1" nine patches and this....
... NINE fat quarters of Kate Spain's Central Park!!! Oh spoil me so!:) Thanks bud!!

Then last week, when I arrived home from work, hubby said I had a package from Portugal!
Portugal?  I know I'm expecting labels from France but nothing from Portugal.
 What?!!!! How about this!!  A little mini in grey and reds and a sweet as can be notebook and document holder!!  This looty is from Sandra....she won a giveaway I did AGES ago of fabric scraps and said she always wanted to thank me for my generosity! Who me....I mean this is so, so away scraps is one thing...making a wee bit of art is off the charts!;) Thanks so much!

So buds ROCK!  Ladies...consider yourselves hugged big time!!!

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  1. Your mailman has been working a lot!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed!