Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Pencil, A Saber, and Three Helmets!

My talented pal Amy over at During Quiet Time is hosting this amazing contest (with equally amazing prizes) called....wait for it....Texting While Sewing!!!  Hahaha!  Isn't that wonderful?  Yep, she challenged us to come up with fun 12" blocks using fabrics with text in creative ways. Well....I'm up for a challenge!:)
 A little bit of Golden Book fabric, a smig of Sunkissed, a minute amount of quilting text (can't remember what it's called) and a bigger piece of scribble words fabric I found at Spoonflower and voila....a backward marble notebook! Hahahhaha!!  Ah...the trials and tribulations of paper piecing but I still like it!;)

In the world of the Bitty Block Bee it was Kandra's turn this month.  Her theme is Star Wars!!  Yeah...I can totally geek I mean get into that!
 How about a Royal Guard....he's about 4" tall, red and packing....saber power!:)  I don't think you can tell but I using some clear vinyl and a red Sharpie to make that helmet.
 For the second block I used some glow-in-the-dark Fairy Frost and embroidered  stormtrooper, Boba Fett and Mr. Vader helmets.  The lettering spells "Kandra" in Aurebesh!  Go Google that!!:)  Both blocks are 5.5x3.5.  You should head over to the flickr group and see the other Star Wars blocks!!!
Next month's theme is Sunflowers....I already have an idea!;)

Now...just for the fun of it...
I'm still stepping on these things and my youngest is 23!


  1. It's a really cute idea. I like the Little Golden Books fabric on the pencil. And the fabric you used for the cover is just perfect!

  2. another cute block! Don't let my grandson see those lego characters.