Saturday, January 26, 2013

Two and a Half Years Later... Old Red Barn Quilt Along Pork Chop Swap quilt is done!
I wasn't sure how to quilt it but I did make it easier on myself by piecing it in three sections. If you go here you'll see what I mean....and the sections are labeled with my swapping cohorts!:)
 I wasn't going to post a photo of it on the bed until I made new pillow shams but then I remembered our wonderful penguin pillowcases given to us by my in-laws and I love how that looks!
You can't tell from this photo but all nine big blocks are quilted differently.
I also picked some special minis to put something new above the bed....

...Window Tree by Max in the upper left, My Garden by Nan, Girl Pals by Mandy and a couple of my minis.  Lynz gave me the lovely Dresden pillow.....did I stage properly girlie?:) 
It's a two quilt Winter so my ARRR8 quilt is underneath!!
Starting to get ready for the Sew South Retreat in March....eight packs of 25 charms for the Charm swap....don't you wish you were going?:)


  1. Oh, I just LOVE this quilt. The gray sashing is perfect with all the lovely colored blocks, and your penguins and pillows and minis all complement it so nicely!

  2. The pork chop swap top came out well!
    (Mine had an issue... sigh. I put the blocks together in a pleasing way, sashed them, put it as the B side of a quilt top and umm managed to quilt it a little bit rotated... All those strong lines and yep, I stuff it up... that quilt went into time out!)

  3. That 'Pork chop Swap' was fun, and I love the way your quilt has turned out. I made some of mine into a bag for my cutting mat (for travelling)and the rest have now been swallowed up in other projects. Your retreat sounds great, and a charm pack swap....very exciting.

  4. Woah, it looks fantastic! (I was reading and thinking "nice staging" too. heh heh) I can see my charms, too! Your penguins are a lovely quirky touch and new above-the-bed-art? Lovely! I'm mulling over a mini bedroom re-do myself right now.

    Have fun at your retreat. I am slightly jealous but since there's a wee something brewing up over here in August I'm not TOO harumphed!

  5. Love how you blocked pork chop - looks great framed in the gray. :)

  6. It's a gorgeous quilt! And the minis look great on the wall! And of course I would love to join you on the retreat! Have fun!

  7. The quilt and the room look great! Love the minis above the bed.