Wednesday, January 30, 2013

I Have a New Baby Brother!!

Yep, I'm a new big sister.
We fixed up Daddy's workshop carport....
...added a few lights, some greenery, rugs, quilts and bows.... the girl and her friend in the UK on Skype....
 ....placed the girl on a ladder....added a very nice local minister....
 ....and now our family is bigger.... my baby brother is 6'6"!!:)

Welcome to the family Jason!!
ps....thanks for the photos Ant.


  1. Whep! that title caught my attention....Congrats to the HAPPY COUPLE.

  2. Ha ha!! Brilliant! I'm so glad the girl could "attend" and the best baby brothers are huge. Mine is 8 years younger and 8 inches taller!

  3. Congrats! Everyone! What a super venue & the quilts did their job -- ready to give warmth where needed. HAH!

  4. The carport looks SO cool! But I'm still a little confused about whats going on here, you know how slow I am - can you explain?! Which one's your new brother?

  5. Modern communications are so wonderful! :D Congratulations to your sister!

  6. Haaaa! Just now seeing this as your big baby brother drives us home from work! Xo!

  7. Congatulations to the happy couple!
    (I've just blogged about a quilt where I used some of your gorgeous scraps. If you have a minute, go play and see if you can find them!)