Thursday, February 7, 2013

Love From Utah and California....and Back Again!

  Wonderful friends have I...yep...wonderful friends and I'll give you a couple of examples! 
Amy Smart of Diary of a Quilter had several copies of 
Sweet Celebrations  for sale in her shop.  Amy has an awesome project in the book! Alas I was too late to buy one but lookie, lookie what she found and sent to me!!! For Free!! No pay....nada!!
How wonderful was that?  A thank you note just didn't seem like enough so...
 ...I made her this!  It's a copy of the little apple she has on her logo.
Oh...and look inside the book!!!:) Thanks bunches pal...I can't wait to try out your Love Notes wall hanging and my little thanks is flying to you right now!:)  

See this cutie...this is Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts....she sent me some Julie love via my pal Kerry who helped out at Road to California.
 Kerry took this photo of Julie at the show in front of her booth....look at that smile and her booth was amazing!  You can see more photos here.  Julie wasn't content to send me this paper note with
...she sent me ALL this....her new book Toes in the Sand and her Hex N More ruler!!
 So this is my thank you to Julie....her blue jay feather logo.  I think her brother drew the logo.
Inside... another autograph...I'm getting quite a collection of those!:) heart is full...thank you so much. I hope you both feel the love I put into these little minis!:)


  1. What fabulous thank you "notes". I am sure they love them.

  2. Well, you know, you are worth it! It's nice to see you on the receiving end of some love, you send such a lot out yourself. xox

  3. Nice gifts and nice "thank yous" - sweetness all around! Love the hand quilting on the minis!

  4. Wow! Seen your "thank you" projects on Flickr. Nice! Enjoyed reading your post!

  5. What lovely gifts, but you know you are worth it, s o just enjoy.