Sunday, February 17, 2013

I'm in a Magazine....sort of!;)

 Really my pal Jo of Avery Homestore in Edinburgh, Scotland (MyBearPaw) is in the new UK magazine Homemade!
Here is the cover of the first issue.  I made the little owl...

 ...using Jo's pattern that is featured in the magazine!  Isn't he cute?  Everyone should have a guitar tummy and flannel back!
 Jo also has a two-page spread in the magazine and this is where I come in....see that red sticky arrow up above the table in Jo's workshop room?  It's pointing to MY little mini hanging on her wall!! Hahha!!  That awesome couch/pillow/lampshade piece is something Jo made for me in the Hoop Up! Swap!:) Aren't you jealous?  Jo said I was the first person to ask for her autograph.  I'm sure it won't be the last time she's asked as Jo is an amazingly creative person and I foresee many more projects in magazines from her! Thanks Jo!
 Here's another finish...the boy has a good pal who just became a daddy for the second time.  The wee owl is going to two year old big brother Cash, the quilt is going to his new baby sister Clarabel!:)  Daddy is a musician....I think he'll like the fabric! The flannel backing is fantastic. I need to use flannel more often!
You know that when something is finished there is always another project waiting in the wings.  My pal Amy at During Quiet Time sent me three fun charm packs of Asbury that I won in her giveaway.  I'm going to use those with this great stack of solid charms Pam gave me last year for the perfect and perfectly easy picnic the weather just needs to warm up!
Hope you all had a lovely Valentine's Day....I did!;)


  1. Very cool! The little owl is adorable. Have fun with that Asbury.

  2. lol :) And yes - that owl is adorable with the guitar belly.

  3. Oh, look at you! Published! Congrats! And a roar comes up from the WF crowd! Great gifts for the newborn & big brother also.

  4. Love your gorgeous owl Dee!! I nearly missed this post - chortle! You are such a sweetie and always so supportive of my exploits xxx