Sunday, February 10, 2013

Little Finishes

Hope all in the Northeast are staying warm...we dodged that storm just having about 1.5  inches of snow and loads of wind.  Today is glorious!
With all this messy weather I have been getting some things done.
 This is Eclectic Manor made from the windows/door theme at the Bitty Block Swap.  If you want to read the Manor's story and see who made each wee block check it out here.  I made the mouse door in the attic!:)
 Here is Eclectic Theater made from the movie theme the Theater's story here! I made the drive-in theater block in the middle row on the bottom....I should have picked better fabrics for it!
 January's theme at The Sketchbook Challenge was Artist Dates....I really never made time for myself to go somewhere and just draw.  At the end of the month I realized I was going to mess up my streak of posting a picture every month since the Challenge began January I got to it!  The boy gave me a French Press for Christmas so I had coffee on the brain!
It's Ruthie's turn at the Bitty Block Bee.....she picked Harry Potter so I made her a feather and the Knight's Bus....I forgot the bus should have been purple but Ruthie didn't care....thank heavens!!:)  My turn is coming up in May...I have finally have an's a secret for now!!

Things are really starting to heat up for the Sew South Retreat next month in Charlotte, NC.  I'm doing a few of the fun swaps and one of them is a Sample Swap.  We'll be put in random groups of five and swap little homemade goodies.  I made jewelry pouches.
Little drawstring bags with six pockets on the inside.  Love those colors.  Should have made one for myself!!  We just received our Supply List and I'm so excited. We will be making a clutch purse, a duffle bag, a foundation paper piece project AND some lounge pants!  I've made all that before but this time I'll be with a bunch of like-minded peeps....sewing+talking+food=so freaking much fun!!  
I also received some fun mail this week...aren't these itty bitty wooden birds adorable? I showed my Dad a picture and he made these for me.  I want to put a more colorful trim on them but for now this will do.  They are sitting on my shelf....just being cute! Thanks Dad!! xoxo


  1. What fun pieces! Everything makes me smile. The Eclectics look like they were a ton of fun to do.

  2. So much loveliness in this post! Love the birds and the drawstring pouches. I'm feeling excited for you re the retreat, they are soooo much fun, eh :D

  3. Love the minis you are making with your bitty blocks!! So creative. Those ducks by your Dad are great, too! Hope you have fun at the retreat.

  4. I am just now seeing this. Love the birdies from Dad. Of course. I really dig that feather, and the one I saw in the previous post, too. Your friend's logo.