Saturday, March 16, 2013

Don't Forget to Be Awesome!

This year at work I'm in charge of Block of the Month program.  
There will be thirty different blocks by years end... are the first eight...very scrappy.  I love them.  
Too bad I have to wait a year to put them all together!

 In the meantime I finally finished the top of the Mystery Quilt we did last year. It's not quite my cup o'tea but it was a nice challenge and I love the fabrics.  Kerry and Penny have to really stretch to hold it up it's so huge!  Penny will be quilting it next month! Yeah!!
 Last year during our visit with the girl in the UK I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday and the girl's roommate, Rose, gave me a lovely package of fabric squares. I used them to make a little case for  the Acer computer my dad gave me and a scarf! Thanks Rose!
Here are a few Reverse Starburst blocks I made for Krista. Each little square is 4" before stitching. Love them.  Google it to see quilts made with this block!
 The girl at work at The Story Museum....being Awesome!;)


  1. Love the awesome photo at the end!

  2. For the record, these guys came up with Don't Forget to Be Awesome: - Unfortunately not a Maria Original phrase.

    It's catching on-

    And also, that mystery quilt is awesome.

  3. Love your block of the month blocks, lots of work for you there, and my goodness you have another large quilt, what will you do with that one???? Love the photo of Maria

  4. I love the little acer case and the reverse starburst blocks, especially the red one with the little starburst baby in the corner. Too cute.

  5. Love the bloks from your BOM! And everything else, including the great smile!