Saturday, August 3, 2013

Can I show you Adorable?

At least these fit my criteria of Adorable!
Bitty Blocks made for my pal Kimmie who got hitched last up above...
...and down below!;)  That tractor is about 3/4" wide!!
Made this once before...the first lives in the UK...this one is for me.
Pattern  from my pal Amy at During Quiet Time here. Go check it out...there is a whole garden series....amazing stuff!
How about this shower curtain I found for $5.00 at Target....100% cotton! 
One day it will be the back of a quilt!
Rainbow stars made at Sew pattern from Ellison Lane here.  Tiny card trick blocks were a gift from a swap peep and tufted tweets from Quilt Dad!

Those are all adorable but what I really wanted you to see are my folks.
Daddy enjoying my sister's ipad playing solitaire while we wait for...
....sweet mama who just had hip replacement surgery.


  1. Great projects! How is your mom doing? She is smiling in the picture, that is hopefully a good sign! You look a lot like her.

  2. I know exactly where that first watering can lives.... I look at each time I cut something, and it is adorable. Love the shower curtain, your starts are great, but have to agree the most adorable are the loving Mum and Dad.

  3. I just showed this to mom. She sure is adorable.