Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fifty-nine years and going Strong!:)

Yep, my folks are celebrating their 59th anniversary today...
FIFTY-NINE years!!  Thank goodness that's not my age!:)
Look at them....aren't they fabulous?!:) 
We weren't able to get down to see them today but I left a little surprise in their guestroom.  A quilt for them to hang behind their flat screen TV (it sits on a credenza).
It is made with all kinds of great fabrics depicting scenes from Italy...
my pop's is half Italian too!
I quilted it with lots and lots of circles. I love that kinds of relaxing.
Fairly muted with just a few pops of color...will fill that empty space behind the tv well I think!:) When I get back down and hang it I'll take a picture.
The 'rents with my baby brothers celebrating their birthdays last month.
Love those smiles!
Also love these sweet little birdies my pop made for me...and that Kaffe ribbon!

Happy, Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad....consider yourselves virtually hugged!!:)


  1. Happy 59th to your parents! BTW, the apple hasn't fallen far from the tree... ;-)

  2. Congratulations on their 59th anniversary. Another lovely photo

  3. 59 years!! How wonderful! I love the quilt, the fabrics and pattern are terrific. Speaking of Italy, I have a daughter ready to leave for a semester in Italy.

  4. Oh, my, how handsome are they?! And 59 years!!! My parents aren't that old. *g* Your quilt is perfect - I would love to see it in its place.