Thursday, January 16, 2014

Bandwagon...Here I Come!!

I wasn't going to wasn't going to worry about all those unfinished projects laying about the house.  No problem...they'll get done eventually.....eventually!  Arrgh! Not a good way to start 2014 right? So I'm jumping in on the Finish Along 2014 hosted by Katy all the way over in Scotland.  Come join us!!:)
 First off a Hexi flower wreath made from Liberty of London precuts I purchased last August.  I'm making this into a combo wallhanging/tabletopper/pillow! That's right...I'm going make an envelope flap in the back for a triple functional memory of our trip to the UK! Those prints are amazing and since I couldn't pick one I went for loads of bits!
 Second is my pile of Winter bitties from the Bitty Block Committee and  Polaroid swap.  Sashing them with my fav green for some snuggling fun!:)
 Third is this pile of 30 nine inch scrappy squares that have been hanging at work for a year as our Block of the Month project.  Now the year is finished and it's time to put them together!
 Fourth, Ugh, why did I start this?  But I have to finish! I'm making yarn from old tee shirts and I want to try to crochet a bathmat.  There are about 30 tees in that bag.  My hand hurts thinking about cutting them all up.  I need to cut one or two a day and get 'er done!!
Fifth is (yes Katy...bee blocks) that I have had from the Sew Fun Bee for almost two years. I asked for 12.5" low volume blocks. Aren't they lovely?  So calming and we all need some of that right?  I do think it's about time I get them together! I need to pick out something for the sashing. I'm thinking a very, very pale purply grey or aqua....any suggestions?
Sixth....and so looking forward to this little babe's birth....a couple of taggies and a surprise or two for my dear friend's daughter who's having a daughter of her own!:) you think I can do it all in three months? I know, I know...if I don't I can roll UFOs to the next quarter but where's the sport in that?  Have I inspired you to join in?
Come on....join in on all the fun with Katy....there are prizes!!!!:) Hahaha...knew that would get you interested!! Thanks Katy!!!

Happy Stitching and here's to a most marvelous, healthy, happy and productive New Year!!


  1. Heh, the prizes should suck everyone in, I'm amazed at what people have donated!

    Good luck with the list :o)

  2. How come you have 30 blocks from the block of the month instead of 12? Did you make multiples of some? I think you will be busy in the next 3 months, that's for sure!

    1. Haha! Guess I should have said "blocks" of the month since we did several each month!:)

  3. I love your Sew Fun Bee blocks! I mean, I love everything but they are my fave. Do them first!

    P.S. you don't fancy knocking off your word verification, do you? I'm sure it puts people off commenting...

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I was just testing something here and deleted it....I didn't have the word verification show up but maybe because it's me....I'll look at work.

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  6. Oh Dee you have some wonderful things to finish. I love those blocks, and your hexies are just to die for and they will give lots of reminders of great holidays. Look forward to seeing all your completed quilts, cushions, table toppers and anything else you make. By the way you should try that T. Shirt crochet, my friend said it was quite hard on the hands/ before you carry on chopping have a play. x x

  7. Your verification is still working