Sunday, January 26, 2014

One down....five to go

Five UFOs left on my Finish Along list. Didn't put every unfinished project hidden in the house on the list or I would have been embarrassed!
 So, number one finished is the Liberty of London Hexi wreath. It's a table topper, a wall hanging AND...
...I can put a pillow form inside. Once our house is done that is exactly what I will do with it.  In the meantime it goes in the "Finished" Rubbermaid bucket!
(Some of my many future projects stacked on top of my bookself and a hidden surprise!)
Here are a few other things I finished before joining the FAL. I was inspired to make this because of a pillow Jo made last year.  Go look at Jo''s fabulous!
One of my problems is knowing where to quilt.  Now that I have finished this one I wish I had quilted in the yellow diamond and green triangles.  Hopefully I'll remember and learn from this experience.  Don't get me wrong, I love it, but I see what I should have done!:)
 A mini made from scraps of PB&J.  I made some blocks to hang at work...guess I should have taken a photo of them too!;) See...I think I should have quilted this one different too!
 A baby quilt for a friend in Hawaii.  Sort of an I Spy so big brother can play the game with new baby brother.  Simple but fun!
This month's theme at the Sketchbook Challenge 2014 is Sketching with Collage.  I used tickets and stubs and prints and postcards from last year's trip to the UK.  Man o'man we did a lot!!

I am now working on hand quilting the Sew Fun Bee quilt and I have sashed and joined all the Polaroid blocks but I don't have enough pins to baste it until the other one is done!

In the meantime I'm thinking about projects to use these colored elastics I found on sale. Hubby needs a Kindle cover....think he'll mind polka dots to hold it closed?:)


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  1. Yay finishes, especially multi-tasking ones!

    Love the collage, but seriously, you've run out of pins?! Don't you work in a quilt shop?! ;o)