Thursday, February 6, 2014

Icy Second FAL Finish

Snow, rain, ice, rain, wind... name it we have been getting it.
 A river of ice down our driveway.  No walking happening there!
 This little piggy definitely didn't go to market.  I promise to upright him, when he thaws!
 That little tractor isn't doing anything.  Needs some TLC!  Hatteras Lighthouse whirligig is a reminder of warmer weather to come!
Since that's not  happening anytime soon (forecast is for more snow this weekend) I have a second finish for the FAL to share.
A little taggie and taggie steggie! He's only about 9" wide, great for small hands!
Off to work on finish #3.  Slate approved!:)



  1. I think you need skates for that driveway! Stay safe!

  2. Slate definitely has the right idea! How's the girl adjusting to "home"? Love the steggie, that's a great idea!

    Stay safe!