Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FAL # 4 Polaroids Forever!!!

Who doesn't love a Polaroid camera? Instant fun at any gathering. Big white-framed magic! Selfies on celluloid.  Then someone had the great idea to use cloth!
Yep, another fun swap, the Polaroid Swap group over at fun filled Flickr!
It all started at the Bitty Block Committee as a side swap but was so popular it branched off to a separate group.  The larger Polaroids are from the BBC so unframed they started as 3.5" blocks.  The smaller ones are from the side swap and new group so with frames were around the same size.
 All sashed up they ended up as nine inch blocks for a finished size of 54"x 63".  How about that wonderful flannel backing fabric. It's a Riley Blake for only $7.50 here!!!  I had a hard time picking because of all the wonderful choices!
Another reason for the multitude of mini blocks was a great package I received from my pal Sooz....she asked if I would like her blocks....of course I said yes and soon this fantastic package of tiny goodness arrived. I pulled out what I wanted and the remainders went to Laura in California to make a quilt for her granddaughter....paying it forward!:)

Thanks to all the gang at the BBC, Polariod swap and Sooz...couldn't and wouldn't have done it without you all!!
FAL #5 is all pieced together and going to my coworker Kathleen to be longarmed.
This puppy is 70"x 84" so I'm not wrestling it through my machine!!
Need to ironed it first.
I need a bigger ironing board!

ps- Yes, we still have snow and are supposed to get more on Thursday!


  1. DeeRoo, speaking of a bigger ironing board, have you heard of The Big Board?
    It's a great idea, and if you and/or hubby are handy, you can probably make one yourself. =-)

    Your FAL is Lookin' Good! =-)

  2. I love your Polaroid quilt!! The blocks are all so cute and the sashing is really perfect with them. I need to have one of these in my future!

  3. What a great quilt idea to combine the bitties with the polaroids. Love it.

  4. The polaroids are great! What a fab idea!