Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Hexy MF is in the HOUSE (after a photo shoot in the snow!)

Gosh, when did I start this?  I think it was June 2012 fresh after meeting Katy (i'm at ginger monkey) at the first Fat Quarterly Retreat in London.  I'm so inspired by that girl!
 Katy wrote us a bang up tutorial and you know with any quilt pattern, you do as much or as little as you want.  Only thing I didn't do from Katy's pattern was the vine-like stem. 
 Added a few more smaller flowers and leaves around the edges. The flowery fabric with the brown center is leftover from a dress I made for the girl when she was around six or seven!
The backing fabric is my fave Grunge!!  
 After sewing all the flowers (85!!) together and appliqueing them to the backing we were supposed to leave the backing behind the flowers but I couldn't stand the thought of my favorite fabric back there sort of wasted so I trimmed all the way around and got it out of there!:)
 My pal Linda did the quilting because again it was way too big to drag through my machine.
 Plus there is just no way anything I could manage would do it justice.  This quilt deserved superior quilting! Besides....I hand piece the entire freaking thing. Figured I could give myself and my hands a break!!
 Linda and I had a little miscommunication resulting in some fabric I added to make the backing bigger to fit her machine being quilted and it was UGLY fabric! 
I fixed that by adding a wider binding to part of it. 
Guess I could have taken a photo without a shadow across the binding!
Sooooo much snow and now we are supposed to get rain.  
Noah, where's the Ark?!! 
Oh, that's right-we have a boat in the basement!;)



  1. Loving the grunge background, and glad to see you're prepared for the rain ;o)

  2. I love it so much! It looks absolutely amazing!!!

  3. wow!!! Absolutely stunning! And so much work, well done Dee! Love the quilting too, I totally agree about giving your hands a break! LOVE the photos in the snow - so pretty!

  4. I love this quilt. :) And how Gibbsian to have a boat in the basement. ;D

  5. Hi Dolores,
    I'm glad there's someone else who spells the name correctly. I do like your hexagon quilt. I hope you can get the boat out of your basement...

  6. It's a great garden in the snow!

  7. This is swoon-worthy gorgeous! I just love it!!