Saturday, July 12, 2014

one + one + one= five....and a 1st finish of the 3rd quarter!

In a week the girl and I will be flying over the Atlantic to visit friends in the know who you are!:) The girl is staying with her friends and I'm bouncing about but it will be fun! Several days I'll be staying in an Oxford University room at Magdalen College where Oscar Wilde and C. S. Lewis did some creating! The other days I'll be staying with one of the girl's pals from The Story nice of her to offer up their spare room.  Of course I need to show my gratitude.
 (Thanks for the great benches daddy!xo)
  Angled Frames to the rescue!  Yep, I made them a quilt and it's my first finish from this list of WIPS of the 3rd quarter
 The family has two small boys so I had the best time picking out fabrics.
How about Batman surrounding London...a bit of dinosaur eggs and Star Wars to boot.
There are robots, pirates, The Hulk and Clifford the Big Red Dog, Snoopy, books, pencils, rulers and Alice cards.  Just a bunch of fun for this picnic quilt. Now I need to roll it as small as I can and mush it into my suitcase!  That is number one...
Here is number two, one of the original eight samples tops I made for Round 15 at
 And here is number three...or rather....
three, four and five!  Yep, I had originally planned to use this fabric for a couple of quilts for my in-laws puppers but thought it would be a great larger sample.  So I made the above top...then cut it up and made three littler quilts.  The third went to the the boy's girlfriend.  All three doggies love their quilts!:)

See...I'm not so bad with math!


  1. Angled I Spy! How neat! Have a great time across the pond, I know you will :)

  2. Have fun on your trip! Nice looking quilts. And I can't wait to get my benches, too. xoxo

  3. Great rewards in exchange for a spare bed! Have a fun trip :o)

  4. Beautiful quilts and such a kind present! So looking forward to seeing you in just a few days now!!!!

  5. Your suitcase must be full of. Goodie for friends, no wonder there is no room for Mr. D this time. Look forward to seeing you x

  6. Wow, a quilt - very generous. They will love it!