Sunday, December 7, 2014

Thank you Miss Mustard Seed AND Pine Cone Hill!!!!

 I don't enter every giveaway I see and frankly even if I love an item the odds are never in my favor.  Because I loved the look on Miss Mustard Seed's post about a gorgeous set of linens from
  Pine Cone Hill celebrating their 20th anniversary I thought what the heck. There were a gazillion ways to enter but because I don't do Facebook, Pinterest nor Twitter I could only enter old school...leave a comment then forget about the whole thing. I did...forget. 
 (photo from Pine Cone Hill)
Over a month an a half later I get an email from Abby Wood, Junior Copywriter at
Annie Selke Companies saying I won and what size bedding and shams would I like.  WHAT?  Are you kidding me?  Being the cynic that I am I googled Abby....she is for real.
Winning was for real too!!!
 One week later this box our neighbor's house.  Their wonderful son hauled it over then called to let us know it was outside. This is one huge and heavy box!
 Gleefully cutting the tape first thing that pops out is the pillow...oh my heavens! pillow, two sets of shams, one set of queen sheets, one queen dust ruffle and TWO queen sized quilts!!! Over $1600 worth of linens. I don't think in our 29 years of marriage we have spent that much on all our linens!  I love, love, love that golden yellow...and for sure the white one as we have something similar already on the bed in dove grey!
 Won't they go great with my Hexy MF tossed on the bed or a nearby chair?:)
I think YES!!
Thank you Miss Mustard Seed for hosting the giveaway and thanks so much Pine Cone Hill for the amazing linens and Abby for all the sweet correspondence...sorry I thought you weren't real!:)

One day they will all be on our beautiful brass bed....but right now it's packed in the basement!

Don't you think we need to get that rug too?;)



  1. congrats, you were lucky that day!

  2. I'm so happy for you!!! What a thrill to win such beautiful linens! Enjoy!

  3. Yes, the rug is a must have. Maybe it's being shipped separately?? Awesome win :)

  4. Oh my goodness it could not have gone to a better home, well done you. Does this mean you need to redecorate or does it just fit in nicely? The rug could be an added bonus, but you have the makings of a beautiful bed x x x

  5. woah!! What a haul!! fabulous stuff, your bedroom will look like it's in an interiors mag!! Congratulations, what a lovely surprise and early xmas present!

  6. Oh, oh ooooh!! How perfectly beautiful for you! Great, great win - you deserve it!!

  7. Lucky you! Hey, I love the photo in your header, it's exactly what I long to see every day. Is that where you live?

    1.'s the view out our kids bedroom. We have three acres and those are the Catoctin Mts in the background....and our huge burn pile!:)

  8. Wow Dolores - what a great give away you won! So much amazing stuff. Looks like it will go well with your hexie quilt. And did you quilt that hexie quilt on your home machine??

  9. That is an awesome giveaway win! Congrats! I hope you get to use it one day. ;)