Sunday, December 21, 2014

That Festive Time of Year!:)

Greetings all! Hope you are having a great holiday season...things are getting festive around here!
We've already had snow and ice!
 A great Thanksgiving at my parents house followed by...
(so exciting having the girl home!!)
 ...a second Thanksgiving at my sister-in-law's place. Hubby grilled the best turkey I have ever tasted. We wrapped that up and hauled it to Baltimore...
(the boy's girl, nephew, niece)
..for more fabulous feasting.  Lucky us!:)
 Next up was Miracle on 34th St, Baltimore!
 This neighborhood really knows how to put on a show!
 This is their 67th year of celebrating!
 Bike spokes....
 ...loads of white lights...
 ...and of course the colors of Sesame Street!!
Grand illumination night really brought out the crowds and the press!
(nephew, hubby, the girl, S-I-L, niece)
The cold couldn't keep us away!:)
Next up was the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra performing a Duke Ellington Nutcracker with the Step Afrika Dancers.  The Strathmore is an amazing place to take in a performance.  
All the little kiddies were dressed in their holiday finery.
Aren't those two on the left adorable?:)
 There have been a lot of makes but of course I can't show anything but I did get this tote finished for the above niece as her birthday was this month too!
 She loves origami can see her handiwork on the napkins above!:)
 This year's card.  Trees drawn on MS Paint...snowmen with a Sharpie!:)
 A co-worker became a grandma for the second time.  Babar taggie and book for grandma to keep at her house!:)
Here is a little peek of some of our decorations. I love Holiday Stuffies and get a new one for the collection every year.  This year it was the gnome in red cap. After bringing him home I received two surprises.  Christmas goose was given to me by my wonderful mom-in-law won at her woman's club auction and "Dolores the Angel" came all the way across the ocean from Edinburgh, Scotland!!  Our pal Jo made her as a sample for a class and not only named her after me but gifted her to me too!!!

We haven't put our tree up yet...a potted holly...but in the meantime the wonderful forest of wooden trees made by my pops keeps us in the holiday spirit!

Hope all is merry and bright!!


  1. Whee! So glad your angel made it to you - Jo confessed she was heading your way when I admired her. *g* Such a good looking family and I love that street!!!

  2. Whoa. Those lights. What a fun little area.

  3. Hope the rest of the season has gone as well, love that light show!