Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Starting 2015 out right!

We have a new hostess for the 2015 Finish Along .  She hales from waaaaay down under!
Adrianne from On the Windy Side.....windy side of New Zealand... has taken over the reins this year!:)  Looking forward to getting to know you better Adrianne!
Here are my finishes for the last quarter 2014...
...it was the first time last year I didn't finish something on my list.
This pickle dish is a carry over and I think it's going to haunt me for a long time as I have decided to hand quilt it...and embrace the fact that none of my points meet! It will also be my first foray into the world of wool batting.  I'm looking forward to that part!:)
2. binding
3. binding
4.  More binding!
5. This one is scary...make her pants slimmer at the bottom...I really don't like altering!
 6. Can you believe this is the beginning of two quilt tops?  I really, really want to get these done this quarter....we'll see!
It's snowing and time for me to get sewing!


  1. I think you deserve a medal for getting all those finishes done. Just love the cushion and each time you look at it you will have such fond memories x x. Happy New Year to you and your family x x

  2. Well good luck with that, nothing worse than a quilt that haunts you!

  3. Good luck! I wish it was snowing here so I could stay home and sew. Alas, in NC it doesn't snow often enough.

  4. Fun pickle dish top! I really love the Tuscany wool batting. Use it a lot.

  5. Never tried wool batting, but it sounds luscious, especially to hand quilt with!

  6. Whoa - you must be a great finisher! This is a lovely list of wonderful projects - good luck getting through them :-) And nice to meet you!

  7. I love the window looking out onto the snow. Perfect weather for quilting! The Pickle Dish quilt is going to be amazing, I look forward to seeing it finished. I wish I could snuggle under it! Magistra13 at yahoo dot com

  8. Your pickledish will be lovely even though none of the points match. The wool batting will make it so puffy and is delish to handquilt. If you get your batting out of the package and it is creased .... toss it in the dryer on low temperature or the drycleaning setting if you have that, with a damp washcloth. It will take the creases right out. Thought i might put this 2 cents in since i struggled with creases the first time i used wool batting from a package.

    Can't wait to see progress on those pickledishes and your other projects.