Thursday, April 9, 2015

Behaving Baaaaaaaadly!

Forgot to tell you about this little project that has been finished since last September.
 First some mini quilts...including a Dance Floor!
Then a background.
Some furry felt legs. 
 Body parts made using Texture Magic.
(20"x 24")
 Lead to Sheep Behaving Baaaaaadly....
 ....or as I called my mini....
 ...."A Quilting Sandwich....
 .....Baaaaaaaatting Good"!!!:)
 Guess what?  This little guy is on special exhibit with eleven other mini quilts behaving badly and I didn't even know it was traveling yet!  
 It just left Savannah, GA where it was at Quiltfest Destination Savannah and now those baaaad sheep are making their way across the country too Colorado where they will be displayed...

So now this wee quilt and LT's Platoon are traveling more than I am!
If you see them let me know!


  1. Ooh!!!! That is just brilliant, Dee! The travelling, obvs, but really the actual mini itself. Just precious! My arty nom de plume is Black Sheep (an old nickname) so I have a particular affection for sheep. But those mini MINI quilts are amazing! Clever girl.

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  3. Oh my. That is the cutest thing ever.

  4. I just love your ideas and sometimes wonder what goes on inside your head.......that quilt is so clever and who says they can't go mini? Well done Dee I hope it sails across the pond as I would love to see it in the flesh. X x

  5. Let's try this again. I was half way thru my comment when I had to go back to work and lost it. I was going thru your blog while I had a little quiet time and I am so impressed with how much you've grown as a artist. Your projects are amazing and I have enjoyed this a bunch. Keep up the good work. Love ya and miss ya