Thursday, June 18, 2015

Medley of Jen (Kingwell)...the quilt!

It started with Green Tea and Sweet Beans.  
No, not the foods....the quilt pattern.
Then I saw the quilt in person at the 2014 Fat Quarter Retreat in London while at a class with said enabler.  I learned some good tricks.  Enough that I felt comfortable giving it a try.
But then I saw Bring Me FlowersThe Circle Game Gardenvale Stars AND Jen's newest book Quilt Lovely (almost wrote loverly!)  I was torn.  There was no way I could (or would) ever do all those quilts. While pondering with itchy fingers something magical came to the shop!
 Gardenvale the fabric line arrived and I was a goner!
 Beginning of May the first stitches were sewn and teases were shown with the above peeks.
It was very easy combining Gardenvale with loads of other fabrics for that scrappy look.
Thought I was done then Quilt Lovely came to our shop. 
 GlitterMrs. Bannister's Stars, She Loves You, Home Run and Flea Market Dash called to me.
Make me....make me....make me...make me....make me too!

So I did.  Over half of all the blocks in this quilt were done using 
English paper piecing and applique. 

Next brilliant idea was to hand quilt it all.  Not one of my best since it's been averaging over 90 degrees (32.2C for you peeps across the pond) most days and we don't have our window air conditioners in yet!
Quilting it in sections using size 12  Perle cotton kept the quilt sandwiches smaller. This way I didn't have so much draped across my lap.
(Doe and Succulent on the back)
Before sewing on the bottom section I accidentally trimmed off the piece that was supposed to be turned under and blind stitched hence that loooooong skinny strip of yellow!  If anyone asks I'll say I meant to do that.  You'll keep my secret right?:)

 Medley of Jen!
 Had the MOST fun stitching and appliqueing.
 Putting the puzzle together in a pleasing way.
 Hand quilting, hand quilting, hand quilting and then of course a nice wash and dry up!
Crinkly goodness at it's very best!
Now she hangs in the shop and will be at Hershey end of July AND Houston end of October at the booth.  
If you are there go say hi!!:)


PS.....I'll be at Houston too!!!:)


  1. Wonderful ! I too am hooked by Jen Kingwell designs.

  2. Dee - that is just beautiful! I love that it's a scrappy mix of the designs. Makes yours unique rather than just repeating someone else's idea. Well done! Xx

  3. I can't tell you how wonderful I think you and this idea is! Super quilt

    1. Thanks so makes me smile every time I look at it!

  4. It's a great quilt! It has so many delicious details that make us stop and admiring each block individualy! Congrats!

  5. Amazing! I love your inspiration of combining blocks from several of Jen's patterns! I absolutely love this quilt!

  6. Oh my goodness what a stunner! It truly is beautiful and such a lot of hand work, well done Dee.

  7. Oh, Dee, it is just beautiful!!! I adore how Jen's quilts look but haven't the staying power to make one myself. Yours came together perfectly.

    And 32C?!?! We are on track for the coldest June since the 1940s. It was 10C yesterday (50F) and not much better today. Our gardens are around a month behind where they should be!

  8. Thanks for all the love! I had the most fun making this and have so many other ideas swirling around in my head. I think that's what keeps us young...good food....exercise and being inspired!!:)

  9. OMG Dolores. This quilt is so pretty! Congratulations on the finish in time for it to travel to these shows. Absolutely stunning! I bought this pattern at WebFabrics years ago and haven't done anything with it but love seeing it made up by others.

    1. THanks's actually from 4 patterns and a book....I couldn't pick one!:)

  10. Wow what a stunning quilt Dolores! A real heirloom, I don't know how you can bear to leave her in the shop! Still, I guess if it is really hot... Be very proud, you have done a beautiful job here :) xx

  11. Oh my gosh, to have a great idea like this and charge right through and FINISH while still excited about it... It's just awesome Dolores!! You must have had so. much. fun !!

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  13. Just beautiful! What a great way to use her fabric and designs!