Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sixth Finish and progress

Yippie...several weeks before the end of the 2nd quarter Finish Along 2015 and I am DONE...for the moment!
 Here is the 6th finish...the lovely Modern Buzzsaw from Amy Smart's book 
Fabulously Fast Quilts.  I really like this quilt for so many reasons mostly the fabrics. It's like a snuggle from my carpenter hubby....not that I can't have the real thing all the time!
This was machine quilted with straight lines an inch or so from the seams and I tied the center of each square with some navy perle cotton.
 The back is a Kaffe that I have been hording until I could figure out what to do with it.
This is my new favorite way to finish the binding.  Sew it on the back then bring it to the front and use perle cotton to stitch it down.  Still hand stitching but takes a third of the time and adds a little extra detail.  Fun and Fabulously Fast!:)
 Kohlrabi is happening in the garden. That thing is five inches wide and ready to eat!
Amazing things also grow in our dirt/junk/rock pile.  Wineberries should be ready for July 4th celebrating.  This is just one of several patches in the yard!
There's the astronaut that joined the dinosaur league.
 Medley of Jen is growing too.  I have three large sections hand quilted...one more to go before joining them all together for the big reveal!
All the blocks came from Jen Kingwell's patterns and book.  Very fun!

Received a lot of lovely birthday wishes this year....this one is my favorite.

It is sooooo me!:)



  1. I love the colours in your Chainsaw quilt . Looking forward to seeing more of your Jen Kingwell project.
    It's so rewarding to eat what you grow, I'm trying to get to my strawberries before the blackbird each day!

  2. Another awesome finish. So pretty! Sorry I missed your Bday, but that means you are still as young as when I saw you last...right?

  3. Happy belated birthday hope you had a good time. That garden looks great and the fact that you can eat most if it is a bonus x x x

  4. Still on timt to say happy birthday! Love your quilt, and I'm very curious to see the finished jen kingwell project!

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  6. Such a great design for a quilt - love all of the fabrics you have used!
    *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad.*

  7. I love that card! I also love comfy clothes. And I made this pattern from Fabulously Fast Quilts too. It is fun to see your version.