Friday, September 18, 2015

Mom....they're a little too short!

She really loves these dresses.
Nice heavy well draping knits....but a little too short.

Scoured the inter-world for wide black lace. Scored on Etsy!

Then stewed on it for a couple months...too afraid to...
 ...make the first cut!  Figured it this way...she wasn't going to wear them any more because of shortness so don't worry about it!
 Sliced and marked with a little thread to make sure pieces were put back in the same place.
Doubled up on the lace to make it wider.
Done and Done. Phew...marking that off my Finish Along list!!
Now for a little nostalgia.
 The boy's beloved Dino.
 The girl's fav wee family...Dad is 4" tall!
And Caveman...a rummage sale find in a bag of plastic dinosaurs.
Loved by both of them!:)



  1. Brilliant solution to the too short dress problem. They look great.

  2. Well done on the dresses, alterations never at the top of the pile. Cute toys but that English paper peicing looks so cool....what's it for?