Thursday, December 10, 2015

Last Angled Frames Finito!

A bright 4th finish of the 4th quarter.
 The last of the Angled Frames tops I made to show all the different ways to use the pattern.
 Used "A Stitch in Color" by Malka Dubrawsky.
 Crazy brightness at work!
(Same tree showing off the two sides!:)
Also made a wee tree skirt for a young lady in's whizzing it's way over there right now!
Onto some more WIPs....but first I'll enjoy the unseasonable warm weather!



  1. My goodness Dee just how many angle quits did you make as your samples??? They are all lovely quilts so hope they have good homes to cuddle up to . It's been unseasonally warm here this year, hardly seems like winter it has been so grey and wet I think I might prefer it colder and a little bit of the White stuff might be nice and bright πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  2. I think that is my favourite of your angled frames quilts - great colours!! And you know I think you totally over-achieved that tree skirt. *g* She will adore it!!

  3. Love that bright Angled Frame quilt! How many did you make? lol. I just did one and it is still not quilted. Lovely tree skirt - I'm sure she will love it. I always love seeing what you sew. ;)

  4. Great colour combinations, and a great pattern. Thanks for the tutorial.