Friday, January 8, 2016

It's been a month!

You know how it goes...December is just plain busy...
(our girl is one of 259 low brass performers!)
... busy enjoying Tuba Christmas at the Baltimore Harbor....
....busy decorating a wee twisted tree....picea pendula or weeping Norway spruce. 
Now we need to plant it!
 Busy making infinity scarves.
Busy making a tablerunner for our Mechanical Engineering studying Nephew. 
Euler's Identity....the most beautiful equation...or so I'm told!
 The back is travel fabric for his International Studies roomie at Johns Hopkins University.
Didn't trim very well around the "e"!!
 Busy making a present for hubby in dad-in-law...with the help of my dad and bro!

The tools belonged to 
dad-in-law's pop and brother.

They are attached with rubber-coated twisty ties for easy release and usage. 
 Busy ordering awesome necklaces from The Creaking for the girl....
....and one for me! 
Busy being introduced to Finn and Rey....
....and getting our geek on!:)
Tons of other things have happened but this post would be too long.
Now I need to get busy making a new cover for my ironing hubby doesn't think the house is burning every time the iron is plugged in!:o
Happy New Year!



  1. It looks like such a lovely month!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun busy-ness. Are you participating in the Finishing Along again this year? I hAve to get my plans in order for that. ;)

  3. You have been busy, and I think having Christmas Day on a Friday seem to give us even more time to be busy. Love your necklaces and I think I must keep that runner in mind as our grannddaughter is in her first year engineering.

  4. It's always fun to see what your creative self comes up with! I love those boxes with the tools in them!

  5. It's crazy how the past month has flown! But get my act back together.
    T Shirts in December! Lucky with your weather