Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Challenge #8...having our way with log cabin blocks!

September Mini Mania Challenge....sixteen log cabin blocks using one or one and a half inch strips going three or four rounds around center.  Easy Peasy.
Picking a design...not so easy!
Log cabin blocks are as versatile as half square triangles...just a little more involved to piece.  Therein lies the really need to think of your design before stitching all those strips together!
 Using leftovers from the Grandmother's Flower Garden WIP and some neutrals from my scrap bin, flowers grew in a lovely log cabin lawn. Used a little Chenille-It for fuzzy stems. 
Yes, it's a 16" mini...
 ...and a 16" pillow!
 Love to make pillows out of minis so they serve double duty.
 A little applique, some buttons and perle cotton stitching brightened it up!
Now it is tucked away waiting for the quilt to be finished. Some day!!
 At the shop we are getting ready for Houston, cutting, cutting, cutting.  
Made new fabric logo labels....
 ...for our new fushia aprons!! 
 If you visit I don't think you will miss us! 


Friday, September 18, 2015

Mom....they're a little too short!

She really loves these dresses.
Nice heavy well draping knits....but a little too short.

Scoured the inter-world for wide black lace. Scored on Etsy!

Then stewed on it for a couple months...too afraid to...
 ...make the first cut!  Figured it this way...she wasn't going to wear them any more because of shortness so don't worry about it!
 Sliced and marked with a little thread to make sure pieces were put back in the same place.
Doubled up on the lace to make it wider.
Done and Done. Phew...marking that off my Finish Along list!!
Now for a little nostalgia.
 The boy's beloved Dino.
 The girl's fav wee family...Dad is 4" tall!
And Caveman...a rummage sale find in a bag of plastic dinosaurs.
Loved by both of them!:)


Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Granny is finally Squared...or umm...quilted!:)

About three and a half years ago (hanging my head in shame) Round 14 at the Old Red Barn Co. Quilt Along was a Granny Square quilt.  
 We were supposed to use 2.5" squares but you know me...I gotta go against the grain and....
 ...I had a stack of 4.5" Hoffman 1985 batik squares already for piecing.  Why not?
 So Mega Granny was born. I didn't have enough to make two more squares so  improvised with scraps in the center. I like it!
  Chunky quilting is my fav and this was easy.
Especially when you don't have to mark the quilting lines!
Yeah for the seventh finish!

At the shop we have a new service project...
It's all about making quilts to hang in dialysis centers to bring a little smile to the faces of patients while they wait.
Don't you think Batman can help with his awesome strength?:)
Some Batman strength is needed to finish this puppy. It will be following me to the last quarter of this year's Finish Along!
Protein helps too!

Oh...forgot to point out the button up there....I'm going to have a quilt at the
My Wind Cave landscape will be in the National Parks Special Exhibit AND I will be at the show working the Webfabrics booth!!  
Our shipping manager/pal Kerry has TWO quilts in the same exhibit!
Come say Hi...hugs gladly accepted too!:)