Saturday, July 12, 2014

one + one + one= five....and a 1st finish of the 3rd quarter!

In a week the girl and I will be flying over the Atlantic to visit friends in the know who you are!:) The girl is staying with her friends and I'm bouncing about but it will be fun! Several days I'll be staying in an Oxford University room at Magdalen College where Oscar Wilde and C. S. Lewis did some creating! The other days I'll be staying with one of the girl's pals from The Story nice of her to offer up their spare room.  Of course I need to show my gratitude.
 (Thanks for the great benches daddy!xo)
  Angled Frames to the rescue!  Yep, I made them a quilt and it's my first finish of the 3rd quarter
 The family has two small boys so I had the best time picking out fabrics.
How about Batman surrounding London...a bit of dinosaur eggs and Star Wars to boot.
There are robots, pirates, The Hulk and Clifford the Big Red Dog, Snoopy, books, pencils, rulers and Alice cards.  Just a bunch of fun for this picnic quilt. Now I need to roll it as small as I can and mush it into my suitcase!  That is number one...
Here is number two, one of the original eight samples tops I made for Round 15 at
 And here is number three...or rather....
three, four and five!  Yep, I had originally planned to use this fabric for a couple of quilts for my in-laws puppers but thought it would be a great larger sample.  So I made the above top...then cut it up and made three littler quilts.  The third went to the the boy's girlfriend.  All three doggies love their quilts!:)

See...I'm not so bad with math!

Monday, July 7, 2014

It's third quarter time already!

Is it really July already?'s hot outside and we still don't have our ACs in.  Soon I hope!
In the meantime I managed to finish all...that's right...all of the WIPs I listed last quarter! Yeah!!
I don't know which project was my crowning achievement for the last three months. I love them all.
But I have to say getting that tee shirt mat crocheted was a very happy moment!

So without further dribble here are my hopeful finishes for the third quarter Finish Along 2014. It's not to late to join in the fun cause I'm sure you all have WIPs taking up room everywhere!
Where do I begin? is a project I've been wanting to make ever since my boss Carly gave me this Moda Slice pack.  I had the print in my stash.  What to do, what to do?
 Blocks made from PB&J.  Tired of seeing them laying in a pile.
 This golden oldie is from....oh my goodness I made this top August 2010!  Yep...about time it comes out of the closet!
 Ugh....the girl is always wanting something for her friends. I really need to get on this one!  
 What a hot cause it's hot outside and mess cause it's a huge pile on the floor!
Final hopeful for the third quarter is a dress the girl was going to wear for a wedding....two years ago!

So there you have it.  Don't think I'm crazy....just crazy motivated! 
Want to go see what others are pulling out of their to-do piles...go here and thank Katy!!!

Sunday, June 29, 2014


We all grieve in different ways...our boy with a pencil and pen...

 ...our girl with words.


It does not matter if you are prepared,
no times enough to stop the choke, the tears. 
I guess the streaks just prove you really cared,
and loved your cat through seventeen great years. 

There never was a headbutt of such love
than those that we received from our gray cat. 
I never tired of Dad's texts theirof
and to this day I'm glad that Mom went back:

Once we had brought his brothers to our home
Mom looked at us and got back in the car,
and sped right back so he could not far roam,
to claim the slate-gray kitten from afar. 

The years to come will never recreate
another friend as wonderful as Slate. 

We brought him back home and cried.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Finish one for the Second Quarter!!!!

Yep, I can't believe it but I am done with all my WIPs  listed for this quarter of  Finish Along 2014!!!

First day of Summer and longest day of the year was quite dreary and cool (64F/17.8C) so I knew having a project on my lap wouldn't be sweat inducing!  While hubby painted windows and the boy worked on the final project for his class I crocheted!
 Now most of this basket of tee shirt "yarn" is....
 ...a 27x38 kitchen mat!!  I used a total of 26 tees and a lot of muscles to make it!
 I learned a few things:
~ Not all tees work as nicely.  Some are actually crunchy!
~ Seamless tees are the best but if I waited to have enough of those I'd still be waiting.
~ Take breaks....I didn't and now my hands are yapping at me.
~ Don't work over a freshly vacuumed rug.
~ Don't sweat the wonkiness!!:) 
~ I don't have a clue how to tie off the end.
~ I don't need my glasses with the huge yarn and hook!
After about the 7th tee I started figuring it out but I wasn't about to undo what I had finished.
Now I'm making trivets out of the brighter tees.
I still don't know how to tie off!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Finish V and Shiny Things!

The girl has struck again.  She sees something beautiful in the most ordinary things.  We walk around our yard and find her wonder all over the place!
Bike gears, cleaned and shiny catching the light to twinkle about!
Who'd thunk it?
Here is finish #5 for this quarter.  A small wall hanging I started a couple years ago and rolled up to be forgotten.  William Morris fabrics and a bit of embroidery.
 Twinkling gears on our blooming arbor.  Everything is so green with all the rains.
Blooms on arbor inspire blooms on mini.
The girl said these are ghost children on the swings...I believe her!
Green has always been a favorite color...I am now adding purple to that list!
This is what I think "thoughts" look like churning in our minds.
This Fall the boy's girlfriend "K" will be a first time math teacher and today is her teacher needs a pencil pouch right?  We are very proud of her!
Every arbor needs a star and this arbor has a lot of do we!


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Finish Along IV

That is a Roman numeral #4 right?:)
(Who is that peeking at the quilt?)
I love, love, love this quilt...and finishing something!
 Hubby asked who was getting this one.  No way is it leaving our house!!
 My pal Sandie gave me a charm square pack of Tula Pink's Acacia...30 five inch squares of fun! 
I had some McKenna Ryan ombre type fabric that I cut into 5" by width of fabric strips and randomly placed 3 squares per strip.
I was a bit too random as I had a hard time laying them out so none of the squares were totally next to each other.  A little overlap was fine.  I'm happy with the final layout and went crazy with the quilting!
(Doesn't that freebie chair from the side of the road look like a giant's chair?:)
I have never quilted anything as densely as this one.
 I just love the look but oh do my shoulders ache!!
So that is finish #4 for the second quarter of Finish Along 2014...almost done with #5!
(Hubby dug that rock out of our only stuck out a couple inches!!)
I could look at this quilt forever!!  Thanks Sandie!!! xoxo
Bye the way...that's Cairn Man watching over the house and flower he has big feet!!:)


Monday, June 9, 2014

I wanted to keep it!

My coworker's daughter got married. They sent this beautiful invitation to the wedding reception.
I was inspired!
 A little graft paper....a sharp pencil...the perfect fabric....viola!
 A mini quilt that captured a moment and hopefully they love it!
 I know I do and I sure didn't want to give it up.
But give it up I did.
Maybe this Father's Day weekend we'll grill more burgers and cheese!!!