Thursday, October 16, 2014

4:2 of 5 done!

Fourth Quarter finish #2.
 This little pile of bitty blocks made by all my pals at The Bitty Block Committee...
....have now become this stack of fun.
 Ready for Valentine's Day or any kind of love day on one side and...
 ...birthday party time on the other side!!
 Each flag is six inches wide so that makes the bunting a bit over 6 feet long bunt to bunt!:)
That's why I made it reversible!!!!
 Onward to 4:3.

4:1 of 5 done!

Fourth Quarter Finish Along 2014...Already???!!!
Yes dear nephew...I will take these greasy bike gear bags...
 ...and make you a work apron. 
 Helps to have some leftover ties from an old apron!
 The girl was willing to be an apron model...too cute!:)
Onward to 4:2!!


Thursday, October 9, 2014

Fourth Quarter Hopefuls!!

It's amazing what a little encouragement will do to inspire.
Just putting it it out there really kicks that "get it done" mojo into action!
Thanks to Katy there were almost 400 finishes last quarter!!!!!:)
Come join us for the last quarter of 2014

So now....I'm putting it out hopeful list for the last quarter!!
 When not going to his classes at Johns Hopkins our nephew works at a bike shop.  They get a lot of gear in cool canvas bags.  Aunt d...can you make me an apron? I sure will try!:)
 Worker at the gym I "try"to frequent lost her mom last month and immediately cleaned out all her clothes.  Oh...I would have made you a quilt.  She found a couple sweatshirts and tees.  
Gonna definitely get this one done! zipper is broken....ugh!
Sweet embroidery from class attended this summer at the Fat Quarterly Retreat.
I'm thinking pillow!
 Bitty Blocks from Party and Hearts themes.  First thing that came to mind was bunting.  Check out that mini bunting!!:)
All of the above are very doable....this one is going to be the biggest challenge but I'm seeing the end of the tunnel.  Forty-eight 12" blocks that needed to be appliqued....only nine more to do before assembling the top.  
I'm excited!!!!


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Last Finish of Third Quarter!! Love PB&J

Both the sandwich and this quilt!:)
Guess you can say I was making a sampler using PB&J by Basic Grey and didn't know it!
  Seeing what block I might like to make over and over, nothing in particular was winning and I found myself with 20 different blocks!!
 Ok...let's just put them all a little machine quilting and some hand quilting on the blocks. Last finish from this list for this quarter of the Finish Along 2014.
So satisfying!! 
 This is sitting on my favorite chair ready to snuggle under as the seasons change.
Now it's time to enjoy the last of the summer flowers and new Fall blooms and foliage...under my snuggly, yummy quilt!


Saturday, August 30, 2014

Fifth Finish...3rd Quarter....a Slice of colors!

Remember this fan o'fabric?  Finish Along  #5! Yippee!!
  It's a Moda Splash Slice but I don't think they make them anymore. 
My boss gave it to me. Thanks Carly!! I had the print in my stash!!
Didn't want to chop the triangles so cutting strips of the print and chain stitching away was the name of the game!
 Tried to be random but as you see all the darks are on one side and lights on the other. 
So much for random.
Used straight lines for quilting but did it in quarters so it wasn't such a big deal pulling it through my machine!
Oh...and I made another dance floor.... a wee one!:)


Friday, August 29, 2014

Imagine Quilts Winners...and they both want to go to Australia!:)

This trio is a winner! 
Discovered this little vignette while looking around the yard for new places to take quilt photos!
Hubby at play!:)
But you want to know the winners of the imagine quilts goodies....drumroll please.....
I would imagine myself in Australia!
Lisa Marie is the winner of the imagine quilts ebook, Mollie Makes magazine, rainbow bunch of zippers....and some goodies from my treasure chest!:)

What an inspiring book! Beautiful quilts and love their names. I've never been to Austrailia and would love to visit.
Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.
Jodi is the winner of the signed copy of imagine quilts, that cute bag o'scraps and some other goodies from my vast, vast treasure chest!!
Can you believe they both want to go to Austrialia...better hurry ladies...Winter is heading down under!!
Martingale - Imagine Quilts (Print version + eBook bundle)
Congrats to you both and thanks so much to all of you who entered. It was so much fun taking imaginary trips with go buy the book!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Giveaway!"imagine quilts" or Old Red Barn Co. Founder hits the big time!! Giveaway!

Giveaway!  Giveaway! Giveaway!
Did I get your attention?:)
I don't know where to begin...I'm giddy for so many reasons.  First that sweet girl Dana has a quilt book out in the world! A QUILT BOOK by our own Old Red Barn Co. chica who brought so many of us together out in internet world and real life!!
Here is the book in all it's glory...imagine quilts....yeeeefreakinghaaaa!! Check out that quilt on the cover....posy it...great scrap buster!
This one is called princess crowns but for some reason I keep thinking about corn on the cob!  I must be hungry!  Don't you think this would be a great scrap buster too...maybe with all the centers one unified color...maybe corn yellow?:) Ha!!
But the other reason I'm soooooooo incredibly giddy is I pieced a quilt in this book!! Yep...little old me...I made the zip it! quilt top!!  Not only did I get the honor of being the only other person to make a quilt top for Dana's book....
...I also made the inspiration!  Round 12 at ORBC was scrappy Dresden Plate. Not having time to do a whole quilt I made a few pieces and after ironing them thought they looked like houses so I made the pillow on the right....which was Dana's inspiration for the zip it! quilt! 
Can we call this three degrees of Dresden?:)
Can't wait to get this home and partnered up with the Mega Button pillow made out of the leftovers...can you see the buttonhole  embroidered on the placket? 
I can tell you...Dana sure did come up with a great title for her book because I have been majorly inspired.
Yep...had to make dance floor!
First thing I thought of was all the texty prints and black on white or cream I have been collecting. Perfect for this quilt paired with a couple of great black tone on tones and pow!
dance floor a go-go!!
Couldn't stop there.  I just love an ampersand but went low volume.
Stacks of five inch low volume squares and the packs of Asbury charms won from Amy at 
During Quiet Time did the trick!
So many fun fabrics frolicking on this quilt. Yes, I said frolicking! The amazing thing is when you see the quilt  up close you don't notice the ampersand....
....but step back from it and like magic it appears!!!  I can't wait to get these quilted...Kathleen they are coming your way.  Guess I best look through my stash for backings!
You gotta buy this book but in the meantime a couple of you can be lucky winners!  One winner will get the ebook version AND this bunch of rainbow zippers supplied by the girl herself...
...famed author of imagine quilts!:)
I'm going to throw in this US edition of Mollie Makes and a surprise or two.
Second winner will get a paper copy of imagine quilts donated and...
...autographed by Dana plus a pack or two of my own personal scraps thrown in for fun!:)

To enter please leave a comment telling me if you could imagine yourself anywhere in the world right this second...some where you have never been...where would it be?:)  At this second it is really hot and humid so I would love to be up north along the coast of Maine!

Contest is open until Friday, August 29th at 6pm EST and of course international peeps are welcomed to enter!!  Make sure there is contact info or how in the world could you get your copy of 
imagine quilts ebook and all the other prizes?:)

Tell your friends about this Inspired quilt book!!!:)

Check out the other quilty bloggers and their giveaways riding along on the
  imagine quilts book tour bus! 
Congrats dearest Dana and thanks for taking me along for the ride!! xo
 Now back to doing other things!