Thursday, January 7, 2010

Measure Twice, Cut Once....Ooops!

I should know that carpenter's golden rule since I am married to a fanfreakintastic carpenter. I should follow it faithfully, but alas I didn't. Above is the project I started last week...looks good laying there on my cutting mat, love the embroidery on around the "Love" panel, love the scrappy piecing and fun stippling that I still haven't mastered.....

....but this is what things look like when you don't follow directions and are in a hurry or think you can just eyeball get a bump on the side of your cover and it won't lay flat! But you know what....I love it!! Even if I didn't make the hole on the top big enough to pull the handle through!!

This is the back of the cover....cute, cute, cute! I just want to thank Marguerite for the "Love is..." panels and the embroidery thread, Stephanie for the fabric scraps and Susan for the Tutorial...sorry I didn't follow it like I should have for it is a very good one!!;)

Our tuba playing, creative writing daughter and
our cartoon drawing, punk rocking son showing off
their stripes!:)

LOve them bunches!

~d post is a GIVEAWAY....pass it on!!


  1. I love your cover! And a little wonkiness never hurt anyone. I think it's nice when you can use gifted fabrics, too. Oh, and I'm sorry but you have the handsomest children!!!

  2. It's a terrific cover! Are you sure the wheel isn't causing the bump? Because it's just so lovely, I'm having trouble saying that it's not PERFECT! I love the soft colors and the saying fabric. And your kids ain't too shabby, either! :)

    Thanks for letting me how it came out for you, Roo! I think it's great!

  3. So that is where you've been. I've been looking for you. Actual sewing- Imagine that. Stay warm

  4. I think it looks great, perfect fabric choices I have not had time to start making mine yet.

  5. You're putting out some really lovely pieces. But when did the boy grow up like that?

  6. Dee, that looks great. I think the quilting looks good :)

    I love the expression of your son in the picture. It looks like he is thinking, "come on mom, take the picture"

  7. lovely cover - i can hardly wait to get started on mine

  8. First, I love M's sweater. She looks really good.

    Second, I love the cover. Now, you just need to make one for Mom so she can take that cloth napkin off hers, which sure isn't doing much to protect her machine. ha.