Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Road Well Travel Part II.....and the Winner!

Yesterday Don and I went on another hike since we knew it was supposed to rain all day today...and it did and still is. We went back to Harper's Ferry and walked across the walking bridge to Maryland's C & O Canal Towpath but before crossing we watched the water flowing over the Shenandoah River. There are some old bridge trestles there that have cedar trees growing in do they do that, especially in the summer! Must have LONG roots.

Old train trestle bridge from WV into MD with a view of VA on the right!:)

The Tunnel going under Maryland Heights, MD...
a hike we haven't tried yet because I'm a big chicken!:)

Maybe next sunny weekend...will have to pack a
backpack and carry lots of water and snacks for the
stopping and resting will be often!

Walking back across the Potomac to Harper's Ferry. Then Pumpkin Spiced coffee and a trip to the grocery store.....priceless!:)

Oh yeah...what you really want to know is who is who won the runner...Don picked a piece of paper out of Maria's Easter basket and the winner of the Wonky Runner is........yep....Lynne of Oz!! Yippee!:) Dear Lynne...I'll be emailing you soon to get your mailing info. Hopefully I can get it in the mail tomorrow!! Thank you all for your lovely comments and yes, as far as I'm concerned...if you are walking anywhere you are hiking!

And lastly but more importantly, Craft Hope for Haiti is an shop that is accepting handcrafted donations that they
will post and sell and all the money from the sale (minus etsy fees)
goes to Doctors Without Borders in Haiti! I am going to put two of
my small quilts on the site...just giving you a heads up!:)
If you don't want a quilt...go see what else they have for sale or donate something feels good!

Loving this aqau colored door!

~ d


  1. Man, your scenery looks so ..... different from mine! I'm glad Lynne won your table runner. And bless you for donating your quilts. I hope someone special gets one. *shifty eyes*