Monday, August 16, 2010

One Swap Done....Hex Part II and a Mystery!

Two weeks without the girl and we are surviving!:) Wanted to thank all of you who have asked how everything it going and share a is her blog...and here is her flickr photostream if you are curious. I wish she would label her photos better!:)Another reason why all is well is because I've just been busy. Now working 3 days a week at Webfabrics and of course working on swap commitments. Above is my finished is the one in the middle on the top. I have a pot holder hiding the center so my partner doesn't see what is there before it arrives. I didn't really know what I wanted to do so I made lots of squares and then just put them together. I was going to do bento boxes but they weren't going how I wanted so I just did square in square.
Here is a closer picture of the wee do you want this one...or one of the other ones? The choice is yours!!!
I also finished a tablerunner using the leftover hex pieces from Round 6 at the
Old Red Barn Quilt-Along. The original is hanging above our bed.
We are having a lot of fun at work...check out this huge wall of rick rack! That stuff is over an inch it. I think I need to get some for this baby quilt I'm making Maria's former bosses...I'm going to use this farm fabric because they have pigs!:)
Another exciting thing happening at work is this Mystery Quilt. I'm in charge of it!:)
Customers pick 3 colors, Carly picks out the fabrics and I cut the yardage and make a kit. This month everyone is picking up their fabrics, cutting instructions and the 1st clue. They get a new clue each month for 10 months and what is amazing is they really won't know what it looks like until they get the 10th clue! Because this is my project Carly also generously gave me the fabric to make my own so I'll be able to answer any questions...I hope!:) That's my pile above...grey and brown batiks and the bottom fabric is my third color. If you look at the store's Facebook page you can see some of the other color combos customers have picked. This is going to be I just have to be brave and make the first cut!!


  1. Wow you sound so full of energy! Can I have some? Can't wait to see the middle of your doll quilt. I am definitely getting mine finished this weekend! I will check out Maris's blog too.

  2. From one Dolores to another, hi. Nice to see someone else spell the name correctly. I found you through selvage blog>flickr>your blog. Roundabout way but that's it. You are a busy quilter. I loved your Asterisk and plan on making one in the larger size. What are your strips? 2" and what size block did you start with 12" or 12 1/2"?